Definition of unfed in US English:



  • Not having been fed.

    • ‘She knew that her mother on a full stomach was much more agreeable than her mother unfed.’
    • ‘We wanted these manipulative girls and violent boys to be unwashed for a year, unfed for a month, to be lashed, strapped, coshed and whacked.’
    • ‘The hard ticks are flattened dorsoventrally in the unfed state, possess a marginal outline which tapers toward the anterior, and the mouthparts are clearly visible.’
    • ‘I ended up going to work unshaven and unfed.’
    • ‘Late into the weekend, sleepless and unfed, I had a headache.’
    • ‘It always embarrassed me when a guest would linger anticipating an invitation to a meal and finally, awkwardly, leave unfed.’
    • ‘The Sherpas’ most important rule of hospitality is that a visitor must not leave the house unfed or without a drink.’
    • ‘Apparently, in the latter study the difference in the rapidity with which fed and unfed chicks started to beg once a parent arrived was relatively larger than the differences in calling rate and volume.’
    • ‘The best democracies emerged after long periods of gradually-increased and revised organization, not vague anarchy which keeps the starving unfed and the weak oppressed.’
    • ‘After they'd kissed, she had ordered him away, still unfed.’
    • ‘Similarly, unfed herring maintained the same level of emissions.’
    • ‘I gasp as I recognize Braeden; an unwashed and unfed one, but Braeden nonetheless.’
    • ‘Who would oppose a society ‘where no child will go unfed and no youngster will go unschooled’?’
    • ‘They could never otherwise have survived being so close to food, and unfed.’
    • ‘The British expressed sympathy for the poorly armed, unfed and ill-clad Iraqis but explained that they could not accept their surrender until the war begins.’
    • ‘They were all upset since they were obviously sick, tired and unfed.’
    • ‘Jack Trent's stomach makes unattractive noises when unfed!’
    • ‘Even under water and unthreatened or unfed, the presence of man alters the behaviour of all wild animals.’
    • ‘Whatever the outcome of the probe is, Southern aid to the North should be continued, in a more transparent fashion, to help our unfed brethren living in the most reclusive country in the world.’
    • ‘Testing volunteers inserted a repellent-treated arm into a cage with 10 disease-free, unfed female mosquitoes.’
    very hungry, ravenous, starving, starving to death, starved, dying of hunger, faint from lack of food, deprived of food, empty
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