Definition of unfaltering in US English:



  • Not faltering; steady; resolute.

    ‘her unfaltering energy and determination’
    • ‘Her voice unfaltering, her gaze clear, she read out a list of demands that children of the community had drawn up for implementation.’
    • ‘In Northern Ireland I saw private soldiers who spent hours in discomfort with unfaltering concentration logging the movements of suspects.’
    • ‘Ramos succeeds in capturing the sense of community and, more importantly, the unfaltering devotion the members had for the club.’
    • ‘She could get there in swift, unfaltering lines.’
    • ‘That Father Ray had the foresight, determination and unfaltering work ethics to bring the institutions into existence is outstanding.’
    • ‘It was through Emma's unfaltering belief in his writing talent that he decided to change tack and concentrate more on his own screenplays.’
    • ‘And despite some emerging differences between he and Prince Charles in the personality department, his loyalty to his father remains unfaltering.’
    • ‘The witness looked straight into the eyes of the judge as he uttered the one word, in a steady, unfaltering tone.’
    • ‘Their longevity has been based on anything but record sales, and leans more toward the unfaltering, innovative self-awareness that many of us have grown to respect and expect from their work.’
    • ‘This realism is in part due to the elaborate set and costume design, but also to Campbell's unfaltering characterisation of Morgan.’
    • ‘Damayanti commanded the stage, unfaltering, elegant and magically transformed from the person we knew off-stage.’
    • ‘Bolan made simplicity into a virtue, largely through an unfaltering sense of rhythm and captivating phrases, which, in turn, gave his songs an almost hypnotic character.’
    • ‘Today, we try to portray an identity of security, strength, and unfaltering freedom.’
    • ‘It's an unfaltering elixir of dynamic guitar, mystical vocals and energy you don't see nearly enough in electronic music.’
    • ‘This may fly in the face of the obvious and maybe I am foolish but I am soaring right now on the faith of unfaltering belief of what is possible.’
    • ‘It is not just North West Radio that feels an injustice was done over a year ago, but the entire community feels the same way and it has been your unfaltering support that has kept us fighting the fight.’
    • ‘The figure's cold eyes held an unfaltering determination replaced suddenly by realization.’
    • ‘The Oxford Philomusica left their audience in no doubt that they merit the unfaltering praise they have received throughout their career.’
    • ‘Will's voice was unfaltering as his plane soared to dizzy heights before tumbling dangerously towards the ground and pulling back into the air, leaving a smoking trail behind him.’
    • ‘My brother, his leg in a plaster cast, kept a scrapbook of our first voyage out, in which he was the unfaltering hero.’
    steady, resolute, resolved, firm, steadfast, fixed, decided, unswerving, unfluctuating, unhesitating, unwavering, unvacillating, untiring, tireless, unflagging, indefatigable, persistent, unyielding, relentless, unremitting, unrelenting, sustained, inexorable, unshakeable
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