Definition of unexploded in English:



  • (of a bomb or other explosive device) not having exploded.

    • ‘They had at least two more hours in the air with an unexploded bomb.’
    • ‘The work of clearing and disposing of the mines, shells and unexploded bombs around Kabul Airport never ends.’
    • ‘An army bomb squad was scrambled to dispose of an unexploded mortar shell found poking out of a rabbit hole on Easter Sunday.’
    • ‘Here in Britain, the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal teams are still dealing with unexploded bombs dropped by the Luftwaffe.’
    • ‘A couple of unexploded mortars are also found and dealt with before the convoy swings for home, moving with extreme caution.’
    • ‘The area is littered with unexploded bombs used in target practice by the RAF during the Second World War.’
    • ‘By this time next year all debris and unexploded bombs will have been removed from the river.’
    • ‘When we were told by the police that an unexploded bomb had been found, they said there was no real panic but advised us to keep the children away from the houses.’
    • ‘An unexploded bomb from the Second World War was uncovered by a gardener as he fixed a pensioner's fence.’
    • ‘The road itself is pockmarked with shell holes, while unexploded missiles and bombs stick up from the dirt of surrounding fields.’
    • ‘The US military found an unexploded bomb outside another church nearby.’
    • ‘There are an estimated 110 million unexploded landmines in war zones in 64 countries around the globe.’
    • ‘There are still some unexploded bombs to be found among the wreckage.’
    • ‘He spoke wistfully of the war when his father was able to run out between air raids and plunder unexploded bombs.’
    • ‘French developers building homes or roads on land which was once the scene of fierce fighting have to check the ground for unexploded bombs and gas shells.’
    • ‘Problems included lack of aid, degraded water systems and unexploded bombs.’
    • ‘The remains of four incendiary devices were found at the scene along with four unexploded devices.’
    • ‘In November he and his crew helped a fishing vessel deal with an unexploded bomb.’
    • ‘There was traffic disruption after bomb disposal experts were called out to remove an unexploded mortar shell found dumped in a ditch.’
    • ‘There are an estimated 1,000 square miles of the country which are still littered with mines or unexploded bombs.’
    explosive, explodable, active
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