Definition of unexamined in US English:



  • Not investigated or examined.

    ‘widely held but largely unexamined preconceptions’
    • ‘Bachelor sons in their early 30s pose a maternal dilemma of unexamined proportions.’
    • ‘Any daily newspaper is a compendium of unexamined biases.’
    • ‘The remote lifestyle also meant there were oddnesses in the family that were left unspoken and unexamined.’
    • ‘What an assemblage of hearsay and unexamined assumptions!’
    • ‘Interestingly, Jarecki leaves this subject unexamined.’
    • ‘Frequently, our very basic assumptions about what constitutes an intelligence requirement or a risk are of this deep and unexamined character.’
    • ‘She leaves unexamined the question of how the legal system should determine whether it is confronting such an individual.’
    • ‘So much a part of life it went undifferentiated, unexamined until gone.’
    • ‘And nothing causes more of a disconnect between theory and truth than unexamined a priori assumptions.’
    • ‘The danger here, however, is when the reasons for coining a term are forgotten, and repeated usage hardens it into something taken for granted and unexamined.’
    • ‘Besides, the poll that does not contain an unexamined assumption has yet to be invented.’
    • ‘I have some trouble leaving that unexamined, anyway.’
    • ‘This inheritance was effortless and, until quite recently, relatively unexamined.’
    • ‘But it's been left largely unexamined by economists and social scientists.’
    • ‘And I must confess I too have joined in this exercise on that old theory that an unexamined year isn't worth living.’
    • ‘There is a curious, arguably perverse, symbiosis in football between physical prowess and serious injury which remains unexamined.’
    • ‘Most of the facilities suspected of being used to manufacture or store chemical and biological weapons have also gone unexamined.’
    • ‘The inflated claims just can't be supported, while the actual contributions go unexamined.’
    • ‘No amount of evidence can prove that unexamined instances resemble examined instances.’
    • ‘For some reason, the connection between these two recent controversies goes mostly unexamined in the film.’