Definition of unengaged in English:



  • Not occupied or engaged.

    • ‘Because of his lack of proficiency in English, discovered later, Roberto began the semester withdrawn and unengaged.’
    • ‘I've read both now and feel oddly unengaged by it all.’
    • ‘The overwhelming atmosphere on two weekday afternoons was not of a hotbed of political tension, but of a quiet, friendly, politically unengaged mixed community.’
    • ‘It's not true that the chattering classes are unengaged.’
    • ‘A large body of research on high schools shows that many students are bored, academically unengaged, and deeply alienated in school.’
    • ‘I think the child that I saw was quite an aloof, unengaged child.’
    • ‘Growing up, though, he had no sense of a particularly unengaged family.’
    • ‘But I was left essentially unengaged with what was happening on the stage.’
    • ‘Some very small number of unengaged voters may be moved by it.’
    • ‘Empty space exists only for the unengaged reader, who lacks imagination, knowledge, and a holistic view and who thus fails to perceive connections and relationships.’
    • ‘What I mean is I don't watch many movies these days but, happily for me, I'll be sufficiently unengaged today to watch Mel Gibson's The Passion and Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9 / 11.’
    • ‘The hitherto unengaged viewer is lured or manipulated into the film's most salacious sequences.’
    • ‘More simply there is a generally unengaged attitude towards the music.’
    • ‘Burnside himself said that he did not cross because he had conflicting orders that told him to remain unengaged until specifically ordered otherwise.’
    • ‘Baumrind has suggested that children of unengaged parents typically lack social assertiveness, whereas children of responsive parents tend to be more sociable.’
    • ‘We knew your recent years were useful to some, but we were left unengaged.’
    • ‘Adrian Paul seems distant, unengaged (rightfully so from what I've seen of the season thus far).’
    • ‘His unengaged performance dampens the whole show.’
    • ‘But I'm willing to suggest it is not just the weather that keeps the SFU community isolated and unengaged.’
    • ‘In fact, so unengaged is she and so little appreciative of Little Louis' efforts that when she ends up with Dimitri, we feel little other than that she deserves what she has gotten.’
    unmarried, single, unwed, unwedded
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