Definition of unenclosed in English:



  • Not enclosed by walls or fences.

    ‘the main staircase is unenclosed at the lobby level’
    • ‘Now, more than 135 years on, Berkhamsted Common remains triumphantly unenclosed.’
    • ‘Permits show that the three seven-story buildings total 230,000 square feet of enclosed space and 118,000 square feet of unenclosed space.’
    • ‘But these concerns seem to have been appeased because only unenclosed and uncultivated land, aside from a small strip of improved farmland near Crymych, has been opened up.’
    • ‘The main form of agriculture was pastoral with cattle and sheep being grazed on unenclosed lands.’
    • ‘Furthermore, much of the Lincolnshire Wolds in its unenclosed state was sheep pasture, not arable land.’
    • ‘They can be installed in either enclosed cavities such as walls or unenclosed spaces such as attics.’
    • ‘So, if the statutory provision says that one has the right to go into unenclosed and unimproved land for subsistence purposes, then that is the case, but if there is an enclosure, of course, there is no longer that right.’
    • ‘The town consists of an oval area about 3.75 km by 9.75 km, mainly unenclosed, but incorporating a temple complex, residential buildings, clusters of aristocratic houses, and workshops.’
    • ‘Squinting, he could not actually see much, but he felt a breeze, so he thought that he had come to an unenclosed area.’
    • ‘The definition of unenclosed upland is still under discussion with the European Commission.’
    • ‘A zone outside the royal compound became the focus of an extensive, unenclosed settlement consisting of thirteen houses and nine souterrains.’
    • ‘At present the College is unenclosed and has seen repeated thefts most notably from the College laundry and the Junior Common Room.’
    • ‘By the way, the enclosure has been taken down, and this area is now as denuded of grass as the unenclosed area.’
    • ‘The legislation does not apply where the road passes over unenclosed land.’
    • ‘The landscape was well ordered with fields defined by hedges and ditches, trackways linking settlements, and unenclosed grazing areas beyond the more intensively used enclosed land.’
    • ‘I threw the last of my farthings at some very grateful peasants and while they squabbled over them, I headed off alongside the unenclosed fields towards the sun's afternoon aurora.’
    • ‘I want to spread my wings open in an unenclosed space, beat them once, twice, and leave the ground behind.’
    • ‘The scheme will support new and existing organic farmers, providing £35 / hectare on organic arable or enclosed land, and £10 / hectare on unenclosed land subject to conditions.’
    • ‘A forest for them and their successors was an area of unenclosed countryside, consisting of a highly variable mixture of woodland, heathland, scrub and agricultural land.’
    • ‘Many older malls will fold as consumers start to patronize the new, unenclosed, lifestyle malls that are sprouting up throughout the country.’
    rolling, sweeping, extensive, wide, wide open, broad, unfenced, exposed, unsheltered
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