Definition of undoubtedly in English:



  • Without doubt; certainly.

    ‘they are undoubtedly guilty’
    • ‘This is pretty challenging stuff, and we will undoubtedly have our work cut out to achieve this.’
    • ‘The UK is likely to pay more as a result, but that money will undoubtedly be better spent.’
    • ‘However, there is an obvious problem that may undoubtedly arise from such a change in the rules.’
    • ‘This one is a messy divorce and one due undoubtedly to wholly irreconcilable differences.’
    • ‘Bacteria evolve so fast they will undoubtedly find a way to overcome this, too.’
    doubtless, indubitably, doubtlessly, no doubt, without doubt, without a doubt, beyond doubt, beyond a doubt, beyond the shadow of a doubt
    unquestionably, beyond question, indisputably, undeniably, incontrovertibly, irrefutably
    unequivocally, clearly, plainly, obviously, patently, positively, absolutely, certainly, with certainty
    decidedly, definitely, surely, assuredly, of course, indeed
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