Definition of undoubted in English:



  • Not questioned or doubted by anyone.

    ‘her undoubted ability’
    • ‘Of course, the man's undoubted integrity means that his analysis is irrefutable.’
    • ‘A woman of undoubted ability, she has been asked several time to get involved in politics.’
    • ‘What is undoubted, however, is that the film's subject is well chosen.’
    • ‘Emmerdale star Amy Nuttall entertained a new audience last night with her undoubted musical abilities.’
    • ‘At last he is showing an appetite for the game that matches his undoubted ability.’
    • ‘One undoubted privilege of the office is that of being listened to.’
    • ‘For someone of his undoubted talents, this is undistinguished stuff.’
    • ‘He is featured here as much for his vision and dedication as his undoubted abilities.’
    • ‘It also becomes clear that, although he was a man of undoubted academic ability, he was no theologian.’
    • ‘It fails to translate its undoubted competencies into a winning performance.’
    • ‘After the joy of being elected, men and women of undoubted ability are prepared to ask questions.’
    • ‘He is lawyer of the very highest distinction and a man of undoubted independence and impartiality.’
    • ‘I retain some doubt in view of the undoubted fact that there is a medical condition.’
    • ‘We moved down the aisle towards the undoubted gem of the church.’
    • ‘His enthusiasm for Ms Bellucci is only partly due to her undoubted ability as an actress.’
    • ‘Modest as far as her undoubted achievements in athletics are concerned, she has done a great deal for the sport locally.’
    • ‘It is good to see a player of Howarth's undoubted ability finally express it in the pro-game.’
    • ‘Portugal's flair players were second best, unable to impose their undoubted talents.’
    • ‘His ability was undoubted but he returned quite happily to Drake's County.’
    • ‘His work rate had always been good, his commitment undoubted and his character unquestionable.’
    undisputed, uncontested, unchallenged, unquestioned, not in question, unquestionable, indubitable, not in doubt, incontrovertible, irrefutable, incontestable, unequivocal, sure, certain, obvious, evident, unmistakable, transparent, manifest, patent
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