Definition of undivided in English:



  • 1Not divided, separated, or broken into parts.

    • ‘Single-light doors have one undivided panel of glass.’
    • ‘Traditionally, much agricultural land and urban property was held as collective property, either undivided inheritances or endowed land.’
    • ‘As a result, windows with broad, undivided panes of glass became both practical and affordable - and very popular.’
    • ‘The smaller sacristy windows are undivided and free of tracery.’
    • ‘There should be a declaration that Mrs Clay holds a one undivided fourth share in Queenslea Drive on trust for each of the three appellants.’
    • ‘‘We pledge to continue down the road to strive for the nation's consciousness and a normal and undivided country,’ he said.’
    • ‘We used to be one nation, undivided, under three networks, three car companies and two brands of toothpaste for all.’
    • ‘The public interest is not one homogenous undivided concept.’
    • ‘These undivided properties are handed down to the girls but may be used by their brothers or husbands to provide for the household.’
    • ‘My three siblings and I inherited 800 undivided acres from our parents.’
    • ‘The large and usually horseshoe-shaped head shield (cephalic shield) was made of a single plate of undivided bone.’
    • ‘The writers occupied important positions in undivided India and I dare say a place in the hearts of those they came in contact with.’
    • ‘He ardently espouses the dream of an undivided Land of Israel, in the tradition of the revisionist right, which bases its claim on ancient biblical maps.’
    • ‘The undivided hall could well have served for common meals, with its participants seated on benches or resting on couches.’
    • ‘The shops are also undivided and a land surveyor is preparing subdivision diagrams for council approval to create freestanding sites.’
    • ‘There are also special circumstances such as wills, separate estates, joint property, and divided or undivided possession of an estate.’
    • ‘Using a dissecting microscope, the colonies and individual undivided cells were scored for the number of cell divisions that had occurred.’
    • ‘Its proposal excluded any legal restoration and precluded the break-up of the undivided collective ownership of the cooperatives.’
    • ‘They will tend to produce a single, undivided, bulb in the first year.’
    • ‘The strata titles create the private undivided ownership of a unit in the project with the share of ownership of the land and public space.’
    1. 1.1 Concentrated on or devoted completely to one object.
      ‘I can now give you my undivided attention’
      • ‘She didn't like the undivided attention I concentrated on her.’
      • ‘He demands and is worthy of my undivided affection.’
      • ‘He certainly had my full and undivided attention.’
      • ‘Now I'm going to give him my full, undivided attention.’
      • ‘It was uncharted territory and required her full and undivided attention.’
      • ‘Spending quality time with children requires your full and undivided attention.’
      • ‘As I watched, this particular young boy completely captured my full, undivided attention.’
      • ‘Once he has that they can expect his undivided attention.’
      • ‘For the full hour and a half, you are given the undivided attention of the beautician.’
      • ‘She entered my world to give me her full, undivided attention.’
      • ‘We begin by wanting our parents' undivided love and hating those who we have to share it with.’
      • ‘Somehow he managed to field a team when the odds were stacked against him doing so, but his undivided loyalty ensured that he nearly always carried the day in that regard.’
      • ‘She was literally demanding your complete, undivided attention.’
      • ‘This dough needs my full and undivided attention.’
      • ‘This got my parent's complete and undivided attention.’
      • ‘A manager can devote more undivided attention to the co-op.’
      • ‘These are massive problems, to which the Transport Secretary should be devoting his undivided attention.’
      • ‘She has my undivided attention as I absorb this new information.’
      • ‘The plight of one character absorbs the undivided attention of the entire audience.’
      • ‘Damion still sat there giving her his complete and undivided attention.’
      complete, full, total, whole, entire, out-and-out, absolute, unqualified, unadulterated, unalloyed, unreserved, unmitigated, unshared, unbroken, solid, consistent, thorough, concentrated, exclusive, dedicated, wholehearted, sincere, consummate
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