Definition of undetectably in US English:



  • See undetectable

    • ‘Ryan continued to stare, without blinking, shaking his head almost undetectably; Greg also stared for a moment, but soon lost interest, and turned back to me.’
    • ‘Imagine we discovered that there were telepaths living among us, people who could undetectably read our minds, in a way that we couldn't block.’
    • ‘Watching them stand, poker-faced, swaying almost undetectably from side to side, while singing, ‘I'm the operator with my pocket calculator’ instilled a kind of hypnotic glee in me.’
    • ‘Organised criminals sitting undetectably in unstable countries half way around the globe do this routinely, and nobody can find who they are, or where they are.’
    • ‘The current, which had undetectably aided our outward journey, had now begun to increase as we worked our way back along the upper part of the deck, making use of deck fittings and railings to ease our progress.’