Definition of undesirability in US English:



  • See undesirable

    • ‘So, for example, the undesirability of work per se is offset by earnings that enable desired purchases to be made; but time must also be allocated to recuperation.’
    • ‘In order to understand the statements they make, for example about the undesirability of consuming much ‘saturated’ fat, it is necessary to consider the chemical nature of fat and the various ways in which fats can be classified.’
    • ‘Supporters hope that as consumers avoid the most restrictive technologies, the broader points about the undesirability of limiting digital media use will be made.’
    • ‘Even the flirtiest girls sensed his undesirability, as though all at once his clothes were jive: T-shirt too white, pants too pressed, sneakers laced all wrong.’
    • ‘The perceived undesirability of the school leads teachers, principals, and parents to look elsewhere for opportunities, creating further instability.’