Definition of underwire in US English:



  • A semicircular wire support stitched under each cup of a bra.

    as modifier ‘an underwire bra that is almost too pretty to hide’
    • ‘It's more lingerie-oriented than your wife may be interested in, but even their conventional underwire bras feel soft and comfortable to me.’
    • ‘One of my bras lost an underwire in the washing machine a few months back.’
    • ‘If underwire bras are run though a washing machine, their wires will poke out for sure.’
    • ‘What I did was simply wear lower-cut tops and camis with a regular underwire bra.’
    • ‘All seams, hooks, clasps and underwires should be covered with a soft, moisture-wicking fabric.’
    • ‘Avoid wearing super tight clothes and underwire bras, if necessary.’
    • ‘Look for a wide band for support, uplifting underwire, and cups made of sturdy rather than sheer fabric.’
    • ‘Thicker padding gives extra oomph while the underwire supports and lifts.’
    • ‘I have suddenly heard a zillion horror stories involving underwire bras and patdowns.’
    • ‘An underwire bra is not permitted inside the facility.’
    • ‘So I raced off to go through the security checks and of course they were extra slow, demanding that I take my shoes off (flip flops!) and get very thoroughly frisked to check that the metal on my chest was indeed the underwires in my bra.’
    • ‘If you have sensitive skin, find a bra with plastic underwires, clips and snaps.’
    • ‘I always put my bras in a separate zippered bag, with instructions to wash them but not dry them, and then I hang them up at home to dry (less chance of breaking an underwire that way).’
    • ‘Does the underwire in your bra always poke through after a few wearings?’
    • ‘I go through security, where my underwire bra did not set off an alarm.’
    • ‘Honestly, she writes well and knows her lingerie from strap to underwire and back again.’
    • ‘Keep in mind, though, that with or without underwires, bras with no straps will not be as supportive.’
    • ‘Two-thirds of the fitters recommended bras with the wrong underwire shape, according to the report.’
    • ‘Am I ever going to mend this pile of bras in which the underwire has come poking out?’
    • ‘Underwear makers promote support bras made without an underwire, as even a small bit of metal can trigger a sensitive alarm.’