Definition of undersupply in US English:



  • An insufficient stock or amount of something.

    ‘soaring construction levels resulted in a global undersupply of steel’
    ‘house-price inflation has largely been caused by undersupply’
    • ‘There is an undersupply of this type of property in the city because during the past two years developers concentrated on building duplex and apartment complexes instead of suburban houses.’
    • ‘British producers would be ideally placed to meet this undersupply.’
    • ‘The rapid growth of the economy has led to soaring construction levels there, resulting in a global undersupply of steel.’
    • ‘The government's current strategies aimed at addressing the undersupply of general practitioners are seriously flawed.’
    • ‘The US has a serious undersupply of flu vaccinations this year, as one of the two suppliers has had to recall its entire stock.’
    • ‘Further restraint in near-term land sales could potentially cause severe undersupply in two to three years' time.’
    • ‘An undersupply has made these highly regarded vineyards tantalizing to second careerist refugees from San Francisco.’
    • ‘The result was an undersupply of beds, for which private providers rushed to compensate.’
    • ‘The increased demand for retail space, combined with an undersupply of accommodation, is pushing rents up strongly.’
    • ‘Then you could have undersupply, and oil prices could get jacked up.’
    • ‘Ireland continues to have an undersupply of retail space compared to its European neighbours.’