Definition of understructure in US English:



  • An underlying or supporting structure.

    • ‘Before repairs were made to its understructure in 2005, the load limit was reduced to seven tons for several months.’
    • ‘Working with the comp and some basic reference colors, the understructure of the ship is roughed out.’
    • ‘Because of limited funds, he said modern restoration techniques and materials would be used in the understructure, although outside surfaces would look identical to those lost.’
    • ‘The movement sought to sustain the inherited cultural order of Christianity but without its dogmatic understructure.’
    • ‘Almost a hundred years earlier the group depicting the saint and the devil had been installed in the tower's understructure.’
    • ‘When the researchers treated macrophages with a drug that weakens the understructure of the membrane, the ripples disappeared.’
    • ‘Outside, hard-to-find walkways and balconies offer views of the metal understructure and of L.A.'s City Hall tower.’
    • ‘Articular cartilage is white, glossy, and smooth tissue without blood vessels or nerves, and it protects the bony understructure from friction.’
    • ‘There are a lot of strapless dresses that also have a fitted understructure.’
    • ‘The film writing I have in mind would be essayistic, but it would have a solid understructure of evidence.’
    footing, foot, base, substructure, underpinning
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