Definition of underproduce in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Produce less of (a commodity) than is wanted or needed.

    • ‘Those three cities and others like them have been losing population - particularly young families - and underproducing jobs more than virtually anywhere else in North America.’
    • ‘Few businesses have the luxury of having a poorly hired employee blindside their enterprise by underproducing or creating negativity among other workers.’
    • ‘You underproduced; a shortfall of at least 30%’
  • 2often as adjective underproducedRecord or produce (a song or movie) in such a basic way that it appears rough or unfinished.

    ‘many of the album's best tracks are relatively underproduced’
    • ‘Even in his studio, which is the best-equipped, the songs have a raw, underproduced, disposable quality.’
    • ‘Each song's instruments (largely varying forms of guitar, with the occasional appearance of piano and drumbeats) are well separated in the mix and the voice is intimate and underproduced.’
    • ‘With its abrupt cuts, minimal score, copious dialogue, and large ensemble cast, the film has an underproduced, semi-documentary feel.’
    • ‘Surely somewhere there is an underproduced cabaret musical that is worth the paper that it is printed on.’
    • ‘For all the excitement New York's electro parties generated last year, little came out of the scene but underproduced music.’