Definition of underplant in US English:



[with object]
  • Plant or cultivate the ground around (a tall plant) with smaller plants.

    ‘the roses are underplanted with pink and white bulbs’
    • ‘Try ornamental kale and cabbage, Chinese cabbage, crinkle-leaf parsley, spinach, snapdragon and dianthus underplanted with spring-flowering bulbs.’
    • ‘Weeds were abundant and even underplanting with spring bulbs had been a failure.’
    • ‘Because clematis prefer a cool root environment, plan to underplant with a groundcover or perennials that have shallow, non-invasive roots.’
    • ‘When I visited Windy Hall last week the gardens were looking wonderful, packed full of unusual and interesting trees and shrubs, underplanted with a profusion of herbaceous plants.’
    • ‘I always prefer to grow natives with natives, which is why I would choose to underplant gum trees with just a few clumps of lomandra or dianella.’
    • ‘Shrub roses underplanted with catmint or lavender will seldom suffer from greenfly infestations.’
    • ‘In cold climates, you could substitute a trio of birches for the tree aloes and underplant them with blue fescue.’
    • ‘Some ground-covering plants are especially suited to underplanting with taller bulbs such as narcissi.’
    • ‘Large field maples will give height and density and will be underplanted with sessile oak and small leaf lime trees.’
    • ‘Because their roots run deep in good soil, cherries are fine trees to underplant with perennials or spring-flowering bulbs.’
    • ‘While everyone underplants trees with spring-flowering crocus, you don't see their autumn equivalent too often, possibly because the enormous corms are expensive.’
    • ‘Huge specimens of eucalyptus, eucryphias, magnolias and rhododendrons are underplanted with unusual shrubs and choice perennials like Trilliums, Arisaema and blue poppies.’
    • ‘Initially the trees were underplanted with heathers and bedding, but 15 years ago we started growing snowdrops and now the garden has a collection of roughly 120 varieties.’
    • ‘Graham tells me he has this one in a bed underplanted with snowdrops - sounds the perfect combination to me.’
    • ‘‘Don't underplant them with whitish gravel,’ she says firmly.’
    • ‘Here, irises and gladiolus are underplanted with Johnny-jump-ups and marigolds.’
    • ‘Scillas bring the sky-blue color down to earth under flowering pear trees and forsythias, as hyacinths underplanted with pansies welcome visitors.’
    • ‘Incidentally, if you do decide on a witch hazel, underplant it with a carpet of snowdrops the combination is stunning.’