Definition of underhit in US English:



[with object]
  • (in sporting contexts) fail to hit (a ball) strongly enough.

    ‘she intercepted an underhit pass’
    ‘the veteran defender underhit a couple of passes’
    ‘he had to scramble on the third extra hole when he underhit an iron shot’
    • ‘United had several near misses before Tod blotted his copybook by putting Combe in trouble with an underhit back pass.’
    • ‘Walton's first chance came after Hall underhit a back pass, but Cory's weak shot went straight at Hyatt.’
    • ‘Hamilton recovered to pass back to Alexander but underhit it and Flynn scored in front of Cardiff's notorious fans.’
    • ‘Undaunted, he rolled home a 35-footer on the 8th to move three ahead again only to underhit his approach to the 9th and another three putt cost him the hole.’
    • ‘His underhit penalty for Rangers' fourth was a splash of showboating to round off an opening quarter that has been anything but plain sailing.’
    • ‘The Argentine powerhouse was a touch off the pace in the first set, repeatedly underhitting forehands to net.’
    • ‘In the ninth, Bell underhit by 15 yards his lofted drive, and before the 10th was out, Cook had followed.’
    • ‘Rodriguez collected the ball from Luke Shaw on the halfway line but underhit his shot.’
    • ‘Their visitors then had two chances in quick succession to level, with McCormack underhitting his chip straight into the grateful arms of Stech.’
    • ‘His other kick was low and underhit and took a friendly bounce to make up for the other one.’
    • ‘And at least he isn't making any howlers at the moment, although one underhit square pass to Ferdinand almost got England in a pickle.’