Definition of undergrowth in US English:



  • A dense growth of shrubs and other plants, especially under trees in woodland.

    ‘they cleared a path through the undergrowth’
    • ‘The offending undergrowth has been causing problems for anglers who have sought help from the town council.’
    • ‘The north shores of Loch Maree are rich in oak wood and associated undergrowth and the glens are full of wild flowers.’
    • ‘The work will involve removing undergrowth, felling scrub and a large bonfire!’
    • ‘If we ask for undergrowth to be cut back and litter to be dealt with on a particular path we are as often as not told it is a leisure services responsibility.’
    • ‘They were waiting for her by the time she reached the shady green undergrowth of the oak tree.’
    • ‘She stopped as she came to a small stream meandering through the dense undergrowth.’
    • ‘The woods in front of them degenerated into a thick grove of bamboo and undergrowth.’
    • ‘On most days we would wind our way through two or three miles of lush undergrowth, only to find our way blocked by a fallen tree.’
    • ‘We clambered over the stile and onto a well-worn path fringed by dry rotting undergrowth.’
    • ‘Trees and dense undergrowth covered the banks all round, giving the place an air of secrecy and isolation from the rest of the world.’
    • ‘The ravine would also need to be cleared of undergrowth and trees.’
    • ‘They are usually found in the mossy undergrowth in woods but we've found them right by the roadside.’
    • ‘Garden birds need undergrowth to hide and rest in and nest sites in your large hedge, away from the prying eyes of the magpies.’
    • ‘The event, which takes place twice a year, involves clearing back undergrowth and picking up litter from the area.’
    • ‘He was leading through dense undergrowth, and she struggled to keep up with his light-footed steps.’
    • ‘Another time I decided to test my new mountain bike by riding it through some thick undergrowth.’
    • ‘He said the big cat was gone in a matter of seconds, but he was left shaken as the animal darted away through trees and undergrowth.’
    • ‘The trees were thicker, the undergrowth denser, but he could follow the tracks well enough.’
    • ‘This butterfly always flies close to the ground in shady places or among the jungle undergrowth.’
    • ‘Around two hectares of undergrowth, gorse bushes and an oak tree were destroyed.’
    shrubbery, vegetation, greenery, ground cover, underwood, copsewood, brushwood, brush, scrub, underscrub, cover, covert, thicket, copse, coppice, wood, jungle
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