Definition of underclothes in US English:


plural noun

  • Clothes worn under others, typically next to the skin.

    ‘a change of underclothes’
    • ‘Setting her underclothes down, she began stripping out of the clothes she wore and stepped into the shower, sliding the shower door shut.’
    • ‘Nightclothes and underclothes, shoes, hats, gloves, and a gentleman's grooming kit for me completed our shopping.’
    • ‘Kari undressed but for her underclothes and wrapped herself in an oversized blanket.’
    • ‘Filching through her clean clothes, she pulled on her underclothes, then a different school uniform though it was just as wrinkled as the other one.’
    • ‘An angry Ellee stormed from the bathroom with her shirt and underclothes on.’
    • ‘He had asked to wear thick underclothes under his shirt as he was very concerned that if he shivered in the cold, the crowd might think that he was scared.’
    • ‘I thankfully slept in pyjama's and not just my underclothes.’
    • ‘Without much thought I gave my shirts, jeans, and underclothes, along with Ed's, to a young woman to wash.’
    • ‘‘Now dress quickly,’ she added, nodding toward an arrangement of underclothes and robes that had been tossed over the foot of the bed.’
    • ‘She was still wearing her corset and underclothes from the day she was captured.’
    • ‘My clothes, underclothes and boots, even my watch were stripped away.’
    • ‘Technically all she was wearing was her corset and underclothes.’
    • ‘I sighed and walked up to my room slowly, gathering my pajamas and fresh underclothes to go take a shower.’
    • ‘I took my shirt, skirt and underclothes off and placed them in the same bucket of water and soapsuds as my stained jelly shirt.’
    • ‘Someone had undressed me during the course of my sleep, so I threw on a dressing gown over my underclothes.’
    • ‘Katie put on fresh underclothes then rifled through her saddlebags for fresh clothes.’
    • ‘As it was a warm day in July, I was surprised to see the young woman in bed wearing her husband's waistcoat over her underclothes.’
    • ‘And yet, for some reason, a few years ago her mother had taken the liberty to go through everything Chloe owned, from shirts to shoes to underclothes, and had cut off every single tag.’
    • ‘Twelve children stand in bare feet holding onto rickety chairs, wearing hand-me-down leotards or torn underclothes.’
    • ‘Rachael shuddered and flipped on the light, took her retainers out of her mouth, placed them in their case, and grabbed her underclothes and clothes and trundled into the bathroom to prepare her self for the day.’
    underwear, undergarments, underclothing, lingerie, underlinen, underthings
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