Definition of underclassman in US English:



  • A student in high school or college who is not a senior.

    ‘one of the talented underclassmen leaving campus life early for the NFL’
    • ‘He likes one of the underclassmen, so he'd probably appreciate it a little more.’
    • ‘For her part, Emily hopes that ‘graduate-level pharmacy students won't be separated from the underclassmen’.’
    • ‘This year was also different because - although there was a pretty talented senior class - the gems of the camp were underclassmen.’
    • ‘By that, I don't mean the beer they drank or the feces they threw at the underclassmen; I mean the mentality.’
    • ‘It made it sound a little bit cooler to be down there to all the underclassmen and seniors not doing the dual-credit stuff.’
    • ‘Perhaps the talk would've been somewhat funny under another circumstance, but with the way she slurred her words, all of the underclassmen present were too worried to utter so much as a giggle.’
    • ‘There will be no deferments; seniors will be allowed to finish the year, and underclassmen will only be allowed to finish the semester.’
    • ‘They chain-smoked and pushed around skinny underclassmen for laughs.’
    • ‘She could participate in either program, but we don't allow a double-major for underclassmen.’
    • ‘It hadn't mattered to him that much until recently, when he heard an underclassmen refer to him as, ‘Bryans friend.’’
    • ‘Regardless, in coming years more and more of the league will be made up of foreigners, high-school seniors, and underclassmen.’
    • ‘Whatever happened to underclassmen's restriction from Senior Hall, she wondered, as she turned to face him.’
    • ‘The upperclassmen have set a great example in their work ethic, and the underclassmen continue to impress with their improvement.’
    • ‘Whatever, let's just play, I don't want to have to deal with immature underclassmen.’
    • ‘If underclassmen had friends off campus, and upperclassmen had more friends on campus, everyone would mix more.’
    • ‘As i was saying, these are the first years, they will be the underclassmen, and i want you to treat them with the same respect you were treated with.’
    • ‘It almost feels normal sitting in English class, except that there are the underclassmen who look in the doorway to look at me.’
    • ‘In 1970, he challenged the NBA's rule of not allowing underclassmen to join the NBA.’
    • ‘As high school seniors and college underclassmen enter the draft in increasing numbers, NBA teams are changing their approach.’
    • ‘To Brenda's humiliation, most of the students riding the bus were underclassmen; she was one of the few seniors who hadn't been able to secure a vehicle of her own.’