Definition of under the banner of in US English:

under the banner of


  • 1Claiming to support a particular cause or set of ideas.

    ‘campaigns fought under the banner of multiculturalism’
    • ‘Scrutiny of cadres' records was followed by a campaign, still under the banner of Rectification, to ferret out traitors and to eliminate counter-revolutionaries.’
    • ‘In essence, however, it was a struggle between the rising middle class or bourgeoisie and the old aristocracy - a battle between capitalism and feudalism, fought out under the banner of religion.’
    • ‘Their campaign for regime change falls under the banner of Anybody But Him.’
    • ‘The party has fought two campaigns under the banner of devolution and has not reached its objective of forming the Scottish administration.’
    • ‘In Porto Alegre the coalition of forces that often goes under the banner of antiglobalization began collectively to recast itself as a pro-democracy movement.’
    • ‘If Lenin was an élitist, then the same label must be affixed to all those have fought under the banner of scientific truth against innumerable forms of obscurantism.’
    • ‘The State intercepted, under the banner of inclusive leadership, the growth of the organised workers by appointing their most influential and vocal leaders as parliamentarians and deputy ministers.’
    • ‘I've always thought it is the best way for Labor to proceed, rather than doling out subsidies to companies under the banner of so called industry policy.’
    • ‘This is an important distinction that has been overlooked in the resolutions of organized psychiatry and in the media, where the claims are lumped together under the banner of abuse.’
    • ‘He placed himself at the head of the masses and raised a holy war against the Crusaders - he became the leader of a national liberation struggle fought under the banner of religion.’
    • ‘Another trend, supported by the government under the banner of diversity, has been the decline of formal family relationships and a rise in smaller households.’
    • ‘The Italians fought endless civic wars under the banner of Guelph or Ghibelline, Pope or Empire, but they were little more than pretexts for strife.’
    • ‘The current condom promotion programs are narrowly focused under the banner of safer-sex campaigns.’
    • ‘People, frustrated by the failures of capitalism, organise themselves under the banner of populist leaders (whose close relations with capital notwithstanding).’
    • ‘He argued that sectarianism was the pursuit of political/economic/social goals under the banner of, and sometimes in the name of, religion.’
    • ‘Non-consensual federalization of troops must be done under the banner of preserving judicial authority or due process, rather than for the purpose of preserving law and order.’
    1. 1.1 As part of a particular group or organization.
      ‘the party is running under the banner of the Left-Wing Alliance’
      • ‘They are worried about the rising numbers of southern men fighting under the banner of Sauron.’
      • ‘The bloggers are running under the banner of the Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party.’
      • ‘It also said it would fight all future elections under the banner of the ruling African National Congress.’
      • ‘Both men want to contest local August 10 elections under the banner of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party.’
      • ‘Many former Nazis fought elections under the banner of the National Democratic Party with limited success.’
      • ‘He has created an alternate history that claims that U.S. forces, under the banner of the United Nations, killed 13,000 Somalis.’
      • ‘Now the statement is dated Tuesday, and the statement also goes on to say that Al Qaeda, or Al Zarqawi, is expected to issue a longer statement soon under the banner of Al Qaeda in Iraq.’
      • ‘For example, a number of groups associated with the Northern Allliance are also fundamentalist in their orientation, previously having fought under the banner of the Mujahideen.’
      • ‘The three have now formed a campaign group under the banner of Exhibiting Societies of Scottish Artists to persuade the National Galleries to cut the rental costs.’
      • ‘This year's Jamnalal Bajaj award winner Satish Kumar proposes a Commission for Conflict Resolution under the banner of the United Nations that would work to tackle all causes of terrorism.’
      • ‘‘The SSBA was never under the banner of the Keep The Clause campaign,’ said Hutchison.’
      • ‘There are growing signs of hostility between secular Iraqi insurgents and Muslim extremists - some of them foreigners - fighting under the banner of al-Qaida.’
      • ‘About 250 delegates from 14 countries congregated at London's City Hall some time back under the banner of a pro-hijab group to campaign for the freedom to wear the hijab.’
      • ‘These organized interests coalesced under the banner of the American Party, which resulted in the advocacy of a variety of policies designed to please each element of the coalition.’
      • ‘Finally, there are terrorist groups under the banner of Al-Qaeda, using Iraq as a stage to hurt the US in their propaganda war, caring nothing for the people they kill or maim in the process.’
      • ‘University sporting clubs operate under the banner of, and with the support of, the Union.’
      • ‘Thousands of the self-sacrificing Palestinians have given their lives fighting under the banner of the PLO, while many more have spent years in Israeli jails.’
      • ‘It has brokered a deal with the ruling African National Congress and will contest future elections under the banner of that party.’
      • ‘In the last federal election, he ran under the banner of the Green Party in Windsor.’
      • ‘Our heroes were the American volunteers fighting fascism in Spain under the banner of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade.’