Definition of under seal in US English:

under seal


  • Under legal protection of secrecy.

    ‘the judge ordered that the videotape be kept under seal’
    • ‘A gratuitous promise, pure and simple, remains unenforceable unless given under seal.’
    • ‘Although the Trust agreement required that it be signed under seal and witnessed, this is not the case.’
    • ‘They were forced to file their lawsuit under seal (meaning it must be dealt with confidentially) to avoid penalties for violating gag provisions in the Act.’
    • ‘However, the Powers of Attorney Act 1971 s1 requires that powers of attorney be executed under seal.’
    • ‘Moreover, the agreement was to be executed under seal and such execution requires unconditional delivery and not a delivery in escrow.’
    • ‘If the mortgage is under seal, he has a statutory right to appoint a receiver or sell the land.’
    • ‘So the lawyers want to file materials and their opposing brief under seal.’
    • ‘It is of some importance to note that the agreement was executed under seal.’
    • ‘The questioning was therefore conducted under seal in a closed courtroom.’
    • ‘I will send two fully numbered copies for you to sign under seal and return to the undersigned.’