Definition of under one's own steam in US English:

under one's own steam


  • (with reference to travel) without assistance from others.

    ‘we're going to have to get there under our own steam’
    • ‘Although they came with English-speaking guides, transport and some refreshments, we soon learned it was possible to do the trips under your own steam and at a fraction of the price.’
    • ‘But I've set off down this road, and I should at least travel some distance under my own steam before deciding to turn back and simply be a passenger on someone else's mystery train.’
    • ‘All you can do is toast the brave men who power up here under their own steam.’
    • ‘In Scotland trafficking is still quite rare with most of the sex workers who travel to Britain doing so under their own steam.’
    • ‘He prefers to travel under his own steam, free of deadlines and the constriction of a commission.’
    • ‘‘These delegates often travel under their own steam and bring a partner so are therefore likely to stay on for an extra weekend,’ a spokesman for VisitScotland said.’
    • ‘The seamen were carried bodily back across the moor although some of them could walk under their own steam.’
    • ‘Here, unlike in England and Wales, the public have rights of access to any waterway - be it under your own steam or as part of an organised event.’
    • ‘Cut down on car use: use public transport or even travel under your own steam where possible!’
    • ‘If you are travelling under your own steam to a dive site in the same country, a large bag that takes everything, with an extending handle and a set of wheels so that you can move it, is probably the answer.’
    unaided, unassisted, without help, without assistance, independently, by oneself, by one's own efforts, on one's own two feet
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