Definition of under observation in US English:

under observation


  • (especially of a patient or a suspected criminal) being closely and constantly watched or monitored.

    ‘he spent two nights in the hospital under observation’
    • ‘Passengers must pass through a metal detector and are under observation by Jamaican Constabulary Police Force narcotics officers.’
    • ‘A new boss has Michael under observation, Kimberley's contract wasn't renewed - and me, I've moved on to a great new job.’
    • ‘She had arrived from Malaysia via Singapore and is under observation at a hospital in Sao Paulo.’
    • ‘They have been under observation by security for a year, and in January the main fundamentalist party had complained about them in parliament.’
    • ‘It seemed that Earth was constantly under observation.’
    • ‘For one, my grandma is in hospital for at least the coming week, under observation while attempts are made to stabilise her body's response to diabetes.’
    • ‘One obstacle is that doctors cannot definitively diagnose sleep apnea unless the patient spends a night under observation in a sleep lab.’
    • ‘The macaque is now recuperating in the zoo hospital and will be under observation for a week or so.’
    • ‘Clearly she had no notion she was under observation.’
    • ‘She was kept in the acute patients' ward under observation.’