Definition of under attack in US English:

under attack


  • Subject to aggressive, violent, or harmful action.

    ‘his paintings have come under attack for their satanic content’
    • ‘Fire fighters came under attack in Hilltown when they responded to a call to a bonfire in the village.’
    • ‘It is a telling sign of the times that Hersh is once again under attack for his reporting.’
    • ‘On arrival they came under attack from youths hurling bottle and stones at their appliance.’
    • ‘Like many people, the President finds it difficult to admit a mistake, particularly when under attack on all sides.’
    • ‘She says the village came under attack from the planes and from members of the Janjaweed militia.’
    • ‘For reasons that have yet to be explained, it seems that man's best friend is under attack again.’
    • ‘It follows an incident last week when a bus came under attack from a mob of stone-throwing crazed youths.’
    • ‘But then a domestic helper rushed in to warn him his house was under attack from gunmen.’
    • ‘I thought the house was under attack and leaped out of bed to defend my family.’
    • ‘Today, it is not merely justice itself, but the idea of justice that is under attack.’
    • ‘Police chasing two car thieves came under attack from a crowd of 60 youths.’