Definition of undefeatable in US English:



  • Unable to be defeated.

    ‘France became for a long time an undefeatable force’
    • ‘In 2004, he had a nearly undefeatable season winning 10 poles, seven wins and three track records in 11 races.’
    • ‘We read Foucault, who proposed that we were all subject to an authority so nebulous as to be undefeatable.’
    • ‘Defeat your enemy by securing a safe and undefeatable position.’
    • ‘He was undefeatable in battle and had never failed to assassinate a target in his long career.’
    • ‘If only they could control their bickering, they might become nearly undefeatable.’
    • ‘My dear friend with her arthritic hips and back and knees and totally undefeatable stamina led the way, cutting back the wild hedge, weeding, pruning and generally making the place look far tidier.’
    • ‘As tough as this armor was, it was not undefeatable.’
    • ‘Either the man did not know what wars involve, or he had a tough, undefeatable faith in the essential goodness of life and the worthiness of human nature.’
    • ‘Nintendo might not be the most important company in the gaming industry any more, but when it comes to originality and pure fun they're still and will always be undefeatable.’
    • ‘As we all know, he became undefeatable, racking up seven Mr. Olympia titles before retiring.’
    • ‘The key to victory is not so much to defeat one's enemy, instead it is to make oneself undefeatable.’
    unassailable, unbeatable, unshakeable, invincible, indomitable, unconquerable, unstoppable, invulnerable
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