Definition of uncritical in US English:



  • 1Not expressing criticism or using one's critical faculties.

    ‘the technique had received uncritical acclaim in the media’
    • ‘I'm planning to write to the BBC with my complaints about the uncritical nature of the show.’
    • ‘These uncritical critics seem blind to the way that every political party, lobby group and PR firm is using fear as a selling point.’
    • ‘The uncritical acceptance of this testimony was typical of the investigations conducted by the State Department.’
    • ‘In something as complex as this, where there's a significant challenge facing the country, it wouldn't be healthy if it were received with uncritical acclaim.’
    • ‘For too long, we have been overly naïve and uncritical.’
    • ‘Only Headley and his uncritical acolytes could complain about shutting a play scheme nobody wanted.’
    • ‘D'Alema himself was never caught up in this uncritical acclaim.’
    • ‘Professional loyalties can't explain the extent of such uncritical media criticism from journalists.’
    • ‘One does not need an uncritical belief in progress to accept that discoveries could be, and have been, made.’
    • ‘The books are anything but uncritical or naive.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, I don't think that means we have to accept it with an uncritical eye, or adopt every new implementation of tagging without consideration.’
    • ‘Why, in general, is there such a complacent and uncritical attitude toward the social circles portrayed?’
    unreasoned, unthinking, unconsidered, mindless, injudicious, undiscerning, indiscriminate
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    1. 1.1 Not in accordance with the principles of critical analysis.
      ‘uncritical reasoning’
      • ‘The book is a useful reminder of just how uncritical was much of the analysis of the pre-downturn phase of the most recent Asian expansion.’
      • ‘This trajectory was clear, but complex visual practices oftentimes were subsumed by conceptual discussions or uncritical formal analyses.’
      • ‘As a result, the analysis is far too uncritical of our current economic practices, in both its effects and its implementation.’
      • ‘Such uncritical reasoning, particularly toward the end of his book, where he increasingly focuses on human society, weakens Ryan's overall thesis.’
      • ‘The final sorry part of this sordid tale is the way in which the media and their expert pundits were so uncritical in analysing the information.’