Definition of uncrate in English:



  • Remove (something) from a crate.

    • ‘Anyway, assuming you work or spend any amount of time out of the house, crate the dogs when you are gone, and as soon as you get home uncrate them and take them out to pee.’
    • ‘The artist uncrated it on a broad gallery that opened off the dining room, apparently for the admiration of friends and family.’
    • ‘The delivery guys have hauled them in and uncrated them.’
    • ‘The director, when queried, professed to have an insufficient staff to uncrate the objects I had requested and, furthermore, the process would be impractical considering their value and fragility.’
    • ‘Once at the house, it turns out that no one's home, so the boys do their best to get the piano inside and uncrated on their own.’
    • ‘Shortly thereafter, six containers of stone were unloaded onto the foundation and uncrated.’
    • ‘With so little free room above ground, there are also substantial workshops for building exhibition stands and for crating or uncrating works, serviced by a very large lift and fully enclosed loading dock at street level.’
    • ‘Engineers in Germany configured the tooling, programmed the robots then ran the entire body shop in the computer before a single piece of equipment was uncrated at the plant.’
    • ‘I had my new bike uncrated before the UPS driver was out of sight.’
    • ‘Hawtof's own desk is so clean that it looks as if it was just uncrated.’
    • ‘Upon arrival of the windows and doors, uncrate and check for any damage that may have occurred in shipping.’