Definition of unconvincingly in US English:



  • See unconvincing

    • ‘McConnell's aides rushed to his defence yesterday, insisting unconvincingly that, had he failed to check on whether he needed to register the painting, the media would have hounded him over the issue.’
    • ‘As the Readers and Writers Festival Closing Performance, Munro read a yet-unpublished story from what she is saying - unconvincingly - will be her last book.’
    • ‘‘But 40 is the new 30,’ insists Sean, rather unconvincingly.’
    • ‘As he suffered derision upon derision, I am not certain whether I should call this Monterone unconvincingly pathetic, or pathetically unconvincing.’
    • ‘I think the men in the garage would then maybe smile, but unconvincingly and maybe say, ‘Yeah, all right mate.’’