Definition of uncontroversially in US English:



  • See uncontroversial

    • ‘The involvement of the School Governors goes back to August 1998 when, uncontroversially, they suspended the Applicant following the receipt of information about the police investigation.’
    • ‘As in any aspect of political morality, a host of practical considerations bear on a decision whether and how to act, even when there is an uncontroversially meritorious cause of action.’
    • ‘Certainly my academic career is one to which the adjective ‘vacuous’ can be uncontroversially applied.’
    • ‘Utterly uncontroversially, Laban also calls psychology The Bleeding Obvious and gets to quote Thomas Hardy.’
    • ‘In the first part of the lecture, Heidegger begins by claiming, uncontroversially enough, that the specific sciences deal with their particular realm of things, and besides that they are concerned with nothing.’