Definition of uncontainable in US English:



  • (especially of an emotion) very strong.

    ‘his uncontainable enthusiasm’
    • ‘Stephanie is visibly hurt but David's uncontainable anger makes him continue.’
    • ‘Tal approached him, smirking nastily and patted him on the shoulder; Shane was shaking with uncontainable rage.’
    • ‘Jonathan was right - their chemistry was undeniable, uncontainable, untamable.’
    • ‘If there is a further atrocity while politicians are sunning themselves, public anger will be uncontainable.’
    • ‘How can there be when almost any meal can ignite the author's wrath, unleash despair, inspire uncontainable joy and even unbalance a volatile relationship?’
    • ‘After Janice has started giving herself the additional injections, the power of her uncontainable ambition and sexuality puts yet another U.S. institution in jeopardy - the heterosexual couple.’
    • ‘It is a voice swallowed in uncontainable anger still struggling with its own disbelief.’
    • ‘Uproar broke out and eventually when the mayhem was uncontainable the referee whistled the end of the match.’
    • ‘And so she is set free to pour out her incessant revelations, without ever reaching her point, because her real point is simply her uncontainable good feeling.’
    • ‘Blue flames began to lick around the outline of his body, as his battle aura was fueled by the uncontainable rage built up inside of him.’
    • ‘Tanya was able to sit up for the first time by herself when she was eight and, to the uncontainable delight of her parents, stood up for the first time three years later.’
    • ‘The glee was uncontainable and hazardous to Croatia.’
    • ‘I felt uncontainable joy at this glimmer of a breakthrough, and danced a sort of jig right there in a busy downtown intersection.’
    • ‘I want it to be a result of an exuberance, an uncontainable joy that's so effervescent within that there is no way I could contain it.’
    • ‘And his exuberance was almost uncontainable when it came to the notion of pitching to the networks the thin sliver of a sitcom non-idea concocted by myself and my screenwriting partners.’
    • ‘Like Beloved, Wild appears to possess an uncontainable hunger, a desire that is lavished on sweet things.’
    • ‘The whole bus was looking at me, the eternal goof, rather red faced and with an uncontainable smile breaching my face from ear to ear.’
    • ‘Fokine premises his version of the tale on the idea that a harem is a crucible of uncontainable desire.’
    • ‘The following Monday morning, I was ecstatic, enthralled, even on the brink of uncontainable happiness, as I sat in my favorite class at school: third period Social Studies.’
    • ‘Jon called last night and with an almost uncontainable excitement in his voice, said, ‘Do you realise there's one thing we must thank God for?’’
    uncontrolled, unconstrained, unrestricted, unchecked, unbridled, unlimited, unfettered, unshackled, untrammelled, uninhibited, unconfined, unimpeded, unhampered, unbounded, boundless, unsuppressed, undisciplined, uncontrollable, out of control, out of hand
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