Definition of unconstrained in US English:



  • Not restricted or limited.

    ‘unconstrained growth’
    • ‘The reactions giving rise to zircon growth are generally unspecified and unconstrained.’
    • ‘The ability to mix and match tracks in playlists unconstrained by the limitations of vinyl records or CDs could undermine the notion of the album as a coherent collection of music.’
    • ‘There was unconstrained joy when it was announced that a former British Airways Concorde would be taking pride of place at the National Museum of Flight in East Lothian.’
    • ‘For many the case has confirmed that the army is now unconstrained by the wishes of its civilian masters.’
    • ‘The ‘freeholder’ was thought of as an independent voter exercising his legal rights unconstrained by the lure of political parties or threats.’
    • ‘Being a true gentleman, I wouldn't have mentioned it but Ann proceeded to tell every person she met about it, so I feel entirely unconstrained!’
    • ‘It was less than 20 dollars, and had mould growing apparently unconstrained on the ceiling, and a ceiling fan, two single beds and a small television.’
    • ‘The problem for government is to avoid constraining that which, if unconstrained by government, is free.’
    • ‘This dogma is supposed to free the writerly side of one's brain for unconstrained truth-telling.’
    • ‘They are enthusiasts for the notion that the United States has become a New Rome, a colossus unconstrained by any values, loyalties or ideals of international law.’
    • ‘Souter's money has bought around half the billboard sites in Ayr, unconstrained by the tight rules on campaign expenditure because it is not representing any one candidate.’
    • ‘Her snappy asides, unconstrained mix of observational humour and rants on life's irritations make for lucid, compulsive viewing.’
    • ‘The net has created a world where communication is unconstrained by geographical, temporal or political borders.’
    • ‘Surely soaring house prices cannot be allowed to continue unconstrained.’
    • ‘Labour was treated like any other commodity, whose price was best set through a free unconstrained labour market.’
    • ‘This political apathy enabled the ruling elites to exercise their authority unconstrained by popular pressure.’
    • ‘Thinkers are unconstrained by base political considerations.’
    • ‘We romanticize the unconstrained individual: the Lone Ranger.’
    • ‘Barnave rejects rigidity as strongly as he condemns the wild flights of unconstrained imagination.’
    • ‘The useless surplus is the surplus of freedom itself, the margin of free production unconstrained by production for necessity.’
    uncontrolled, unrestricted, unchecked, unbridled, unlimited, unfettered, unshackled, untrammelled, uninhibited, unconfined, unimpeded, unhampered, unbounded, boundless, unsuppressed, undisciplined, uncontrollable, out of control, out of hand
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