Definition of unconscious in English:



  • 1Not conscious.

    [as complement] ‘the boy was beaten unconscious’
    • ‘It was his evidence that this causes pain and elicits a response from an apparently unconscious person.’
    • ‘Before Marie could answer, the doors opened, and Rob's unconscious body was shoved into the room.’
    • ‘His bodyguards knocked me unconscious, punching and kicking all over my body.’
    • ‘She tried to struggle but she was becoming unconscious and her body was now weakened.’
    • ‘He took the unconscious woman's body and set her down in a chair in one of the bedrooms.’
    • ‘He slumped, the gun falling to the pavement and his body following in an unconscious heap.’
    • ‘My body took most of the impact and I knocked myself unconscious.’
    • ‘What you get are the snapping dogs, and bodies unconscious after a police examination or laid out for an autopsy.’
    • ‘I got the courage to run out and kneel beside Becca's unconscious body.’
    • ‘Is the unconscious or lifeless body being delivered away from some unpleasant fate?’
    • ‘There was no way that he and Poe could face what came next while trying to manage and unconscious body as well.’
    • ‘A sustained attack with kicks to the head and upper body as he lay unconscious was said to have lasted more than two minutes.’
    • ‘They were in even worse condition than Ian, and remained unconscious for at least fifteen minutes.’
    • ‘A few minutes later she sat beside his unconscious body on the couch, just looking at him.’
    • ‘Mrs Blow said Mitchell told her he was unconscious for half an hour and awoke to his friend's screams.’
    • ‘The wound rendered Mark Irwin unconscious within seconds and caused his death within a couple of minutes.’
    • ‘At one end of it was a pile of unconscious bodies piled atop each other, and right in front of them, swords held out to the sides, was Valshar.’
    • ‘Carl gently laid the unconscious body on one side of the door so that it would be hidden from anyone outside the room.’
    • ‘The smoke filled the room, and in a few minutes his labored body fell unconscious.’
    • ‘They carried two poles which they began lashing onto the reed mat beneath David's unconscious body.’
    knocked out, insensible, senseless, insentient, insensate, passed out, comatose, in a coma, inert
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    1. 1.1Done or existing without one realizing.
      ‘he would wipe back his hair in an unconscious gesture of annoyance’
      • ‘The cues may be unconscious nonverbal cues, such as muscular tension or gestures.’
      • ‘In my view they are what can properly be meant, by the way, by evocative talk of the subconscious or the unconscious mind.’
      • ‘It is both intentional and conscious and unintentional and unconscious.’
      • ‘The timing of the skill and the skill itself must be primarily unconscious responses.’
      • ‘It had just come out unbidden, as if some deep, unconscious part of her were speaking for her.’
      • ‘This is achieved by making some processes relatively automatic and unconscious.’
      • ‘Now, when we see the logo, a whole host of unconscious responses are triggered.’
      • ‘The court system still seems to have an automatic and perhaps unconscious reflex to tell people the minimum necessary.’
      • ‘It should serve as an example of the necessity for judges to be aware of the possibility of unconscious prejudice.’
      • ‘These messages often sink deep into our unconscious mind, waiting to pop up when we become wives or husbands ourselves.’
      • ‘For Freud, every dream was caused by unconscious wishes that were released in sleep.’
      • ‘To what degree is our behaviour instinctive, unconscious, and therefore robotic?’
      • ‘Fish may be images of deeply unconscious processes - something nourishing arising from deep within.’
      • ‘The sea stands for the unconscious mind and deeper levels of being, the book unveils the hidden nature of men and women.’
      • ‘I hope that it is an automatic, unconscious response, and I think we should do more to find out whether it is or not.’
      • ‘It is a totally instinctual, unconscious act driven by instinct and primal power, lust, need.’
      • ‘Indeed, much sensory processing, essential for the regulation of the body, is entirely unconscious.’
      • ‘Zander dismissed the statement with a wave of his hand, an almost unconscious gesture.’
      • ‘Val went on to name the other men and Scott's hand went to his right temple in an unconscious gesture.’
      • ‘For if it is survival that you are after, unconscious mechanisms are the better bet.’
      unintentional, unintended, accidental, unthinking, unwitting, inadvertent, unpremeditated, unplanned
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    2. 1.2[predicative]Unaware of.
      ‘“What is it?” he said again, unconscious of the repetition’
      • ‘Though unconscious of them, such memories are claimed to be significant causal factors in shaping conscious thought and behavior.’
      • ‘The scary thing is that these guys remain so largely, maybe even wilfully, unconscious of their power and privilege, and have so much influence - for now.’
      • ‘Lamely suave, spouting banalities about pop music and unconscious of his savage condescension toward women, he's a rancid summation of the Playboy ethic.’
      • ‘He is almost unconscious of this recurring litany because he not only believes it - he feels it.’
      • ‘What's worse about the contemplative life, he told me afterwards, is that ‘most of the time you're unconscious of it.’’
      • ‘If the speech he is making is one that he is accustomed to make over and over again, he may be almost unconscious of what he is saying, as one is when one utters the responses in church.’
      • ‘She was so young as to not understand the ink her name was written in, and unconscious of it, and all that was to befall her.’
      • ‘But as a child, she was unconscious of not being able to hear, or that it should make a difference to what she does and started giving public performances from the age of 10 years.’
      • ‘Sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste, and motion continually participate, though we may often be unconscious of them, in the ways we literally make sense of the world, and art.’
      • ‘The best work is when you're not thinking of yourself, you're unconscious of what other people think because you actually do your job, you're more focused and very committed to it.’
      • ‘Governor Darling regarded Wentworth as ‘a vulgar ill-bred fellow, utterly unconscious of the common civilities, due from one Gentleman to another’.’
      • ‘For that matter, who is unaware of the structural changes that have transformed socialism, has ever been unconscious of the racial or sexual divisions within the working class?’
      • ‘It is the Canadian federal government's aim - though they may be unconscious of it - to hasten the day when no tree is left to cut, and all jobs, and the communities they sustain, collapse.’
      • ‘Remember what Nabokov said about his nymphets, that in the midst of others ‘she stands unrecognized by them and unconscious of her fantastic power.’’
      • ‘Being unconscious of the custom's existence, her actions could be considered karmically neutral, as she lacked the intention to offend.’
      • ‘The children seem to be happy at the centre, blissfully unconscious of their condition.’
      • ‘I was in Mexico a few weeks ago, blithely unconscious of the Zapatistas.’
      • ‘It's as if Sinn Fein was unconscious of the message the killing sent to its own constituents.’
      • ‘Perhaps at the absolute extreme some see dogs as an affront to God because they live in the moment, unconscious of tomorrow let alone eternity, and have no desire to govern their appetites.’
      • ‘But Jim, he wasn't unconscious of this, it's actually a quality about himself that he parodies constantly.’
      heedless, unheeding, unmindful, disregardful, disregarding, taking no notice
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  • The part of the mind that is inaccessible to the conscious mind but that affects behavior and emotions.

    • ‘Maybe it's a story or metaphor from our own life or that of our own parents that somehow penetrates the unconscious.’
    • ‘Cognitive scientist Guy Claxton has unearthed the unconscious throughout history.’
    • ‘Its images and affects seem to lock in directly to the unconscious.’
    • ‘No-one sees new species evolving out of old, or the workings of the unconscious.’
    • ‘It is she who provokes the rupture between Freud and Jung which enabled the latter to venture deeper into the unconscious.’
    • ‘This forms a template deep in our unconscious that affects our choice in a mate.’
    • ‘The terror of, and yet longing for return to, this figure accounts for the repression of this figure into the unconscious.’
    • ‘I had stumbled upon the historical counterpart of my psychology of the unconscious.’
    • ‘He is the purest surrealist painter, thinking from first principles about what an art of the unconscious might be.’
    • ‘It was as though I was buoyed up and supported by the unconscious.’
    • ‘Are there specific things which you watch out for that are signs of the unconscious?’
    • ‘All knowledge we can experience is already different from the logic of the unconscious.’
    • ‘The snake is one of the oldest symbols of power and of the wisdom of the unconscious.’
    • ‘Freud used dreams to plumb the depths of the unconscious for hidden meanings and emotions.’
    • ‘We cannot grasp the unconscious; rather the archetypes carry us off in their embrace.’
    • ‘There, it has left behind the intricacies of conscious experience for the enigmas of the unconscious.’
    • ‘I believe that writer and analyst are seeking forms or elements in common which come from the unconscious.’
    • ‘As Sigmund Freud reminds us, the lapsus linguae is, like the dream, a royal road to the unconscious.’
    • ‘Lacan's own riddling manner mimics the utterances of the unconscious.’
    • ‘It is thus crucial to interrogate the nuances behind the unconscious and conscious usage of words.’
    subconscious mind, subconscious, unconscious mind, psyche, ego, superego, id, inner self, innermost self, self, inner man, inner woman
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