Definition of unconfined in US English:



  • 1Not confined to a limited space.

    ‘sows should be unconfined at farrowing’
    • ‘By its nature, there is something in art that is unconfined, uninhibited - if not, whose morality should govern it?’
    • ‘To prevent an emergency, buy an oversized nylon slip collar and attach your leash to both collars when you are walking in an unconfined area.’
    • ‘He will proceed in any event, your Honour, confined or unconfined, with the matter and my client desires to continue, subject to his personal capacity to sustain his position as that matter goes on.’
    • ‘If the dog must be left at home unconfined it is important to make sure that it has had plenty of exercise before.’
    • ‘Over the 1997-1998 summer a survey of tourists on the dolphin boats found that 45 per cent wanted to see dolphins unconfined, in close proximity.’
    • ‘Interactions usually take place in confined settings with captive animals or, more rarely, with unconfined animals who have been conditioned to come by being fed.’
    • ‘Sure your roots are deep, but never forget your branches extend upwards into unconfined, infinite and limitless space.’
    • ‘Painters also gave me a sense of being unconfined to a page.’
    • ‘She stretched her wings, glad they were unconfined again.’
    • ‘Surprisingly unconfined by this genre, he continues to produce startling new works that offer a range of effects, from the self-referential to the humorous to the sublime.’
    • ‘It is a beautiful, unconfined space open to unique aspects and perceptions.’
    • ‘A studio accident led Tillim to invent a method of painting with acrylic-soaked paper towels; unconfined by what might have become a signature style, he turned, after a few years, to achieving related effects with the brush.’
    • ‘The occupants enjoyed an expansive, unconfined space, spilling beyond the room's boundaries.’
    free, at liberty, at large, escaped, set loose, unconfined, unrestrained, roaming, unbound, unrestricted, untied, unchained, unshackled, unfettered
    free, at large, at liberty, on the loose, escaped
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    1. 1.1 (of joy or excitement) very great.
      ‘joy was unconfined’
      • ‘The biter is being bitten and joy is unconfined.’
      • ‘For the graduates of Transition Year it was a week of ‘joy unconfined.’’
      • ‘The dramatic price cut has brought unconfined joy to many Delphi veterans, but not all.’
      • ‘Their annexation of the most coveted trophy in Gaelic football unleashed a frenzy of unconfined joy.’
      • ‘Even here though, the joy should not quite be unconfined.’
      • ‘Needless to say, there has been unconfined joy in Killala and the surrounding regions - as evidenced in last Saturday's colourful street party.’
      • ‘Who will forget the scenes of unconfined joy as Ian Fitzgerald held what is now the Delaney Cup aloft last year and the sense of pride that swept through the county that day and has continued ever since.’
      • ‘Hard-earned experience has taught McGeechan that whenever Scotland enter a championship against a backdrop of success and expectation, it has heralded a season of woe unconfined.’
      • ‘And their joy was unconfined as Hodgson worked an opening and sent a drop goal over with the game in injury time.’
      • ‘In Pisa, whose tourist industry is almost solely dependent on the magnetic power of its leaning tower, it will be an event of unconfined celebration.’
      • ‘However, joy over the selection was not exactly unconfined.’
      • ‘There are so many other things to see and appreciate: rocks, stones, boulders, slabs, pebbles, sand - one's joy is unconfined.’
      • ‘At the end joy was unconfined - indeed embarrassingly so one might say - as if Kildare had won something of note.’
      • ‘Only toward the end of her career, she says, did she experience unconfined joy on stage.’
      • ‘In sheer contrast, for the club that squeezes out of that quaking quartet to gate-crash the elite, delight will be unconfined.’
      • ‘The joy among backbenchers when McCreevy announced the programme last December was almost unconfined, as they scurried off to their constituencies to bask in the good news.’
      • ‘So the overpaid, drug-addled ‘roasters’ of Olde England managed not to lose - let rejoicing be unconfined.’
      • ‘Joy was unconfined in Edinburgh last night after Scotland recorded a momentous and record-breaking 21-6 victory over South Africa at a sodden Murrayfield.’
      • ‘He once managed to net a silver-striped hawk moth and his joy was unconfined.’
      • ‘Now he wants to repeat the exercise when they finally return to the Football League proper - which he said would produce ‘joy unconfined."’