Definition of unconfessed in US English:



  • 1Not acknowledged.

    ‘the hope that remains unconfessed’
    • ‘But what she wanted had become so convoluted with previously unconfessed expectations that Rachel wasn't certain what it entailed any longer.’
    • ‘But unless you can provide evidence of previous unconfessed murders, you're going to stay in the clink?’
    • ‘But the text also reveals the ulterior, unconfessed motive of the Bill, for it goes further.’
    • ‘But such nobility commonly has unconfessed religious springs, deep and hidden in the man's own heart or in his family history.’
    secret, private, hidden, concealed, innermost, inward, unexpressed, unvoiced, undisclosed, undeclared, undivulged, unavowed
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    1. 1.1 (of a sin) not confessed to a priest.
      • ‘If there is unconfessed sin in our lives, we must confess it and be restored to full intimacy with God.’
      • ‘Is there some unconfessed sin that's keeping him from healing me?’
      • ‘But he knew it wasn't possible to have that many people sing together without having at least one person, most likely a soprano or tenor, guilty of unconfessed sin or of not toeing the official line on some theological point.’
      • ‘When that sin remains unconfessed and unforgiven it remains here in our bodies creating all sorts of problems.’
      • ‘Obviously this means that no Catholic should approach communion unless properly disposed (without unconfessed mortal sin on one's conscience, having fasted at least one hour in accordance with the Church's discipline, etc.).’
      • ‘You died near ninety, still unbelieving, unconfessed, and unreceived.’
      • ‘She knew Jesus personally as Saviour and was not conscious of any unconfessed sin in her life.’
      • ‘Would God tolerate these unconfessed, forgotten sins?’
      • ‘We should note that Smith acknowledges that on rare occasions, unconfessed sin and the consequent feelings of guilt can impede the healing power of Theophostic Ministry.’