Definition of unconference in US English:



  • A loosely structured conference emphasizing the informal exchange of information and ideas between participants, rather than following a conventionally structured program of events.

    ‘at this unconference, attendees created sessions on the spot, making for an energizing and freewheeling exchange’
    • ‘Everyone who attends an unconference is required to participate in some way: to present, to speak on a panel, to show off a project, or just to ask a lot of questions.’
    • ‘This is what's known as an unconference, an event programmed and sometimes arranged by attendees.’
    • ‘The Open Space meeting and the unconference have strong similarities to long-established gatherings in the world of music: in particular, the jam session in jazz and rock.’
    • ‘Perhaps the new unconference is about people who really want to share ideas, not just network.’
    • ‘An unconference is born.’
    • ‘And because everyone at the unconference participates in some fashion, interaction, networking, and the exchange of ideas is a given.’
    • ‘The unconference seems an obvious step in that direction.’
    • ‘Of the rest most only just made it for Peter Robinson's speech this morning, and one is spending his second day here in the stalls of the Tory "unconference".’
    • ‘As the date for the unconference neared, the registrations on the wiki page increased.’
    • ‘Still, even a large unconference is a cheap date.’
    • ‘The hub of this unconference was a large cafeteria.’
    • ‘To create a session at the unconference, all you need is a marker and some paper.’
    • ‘Although this unconference isn't free, many unconferences are, a fact reflected in their let's-build-a-stage-in-the-barn-and-put-on-a-show ethos.’
    • ‘To give you an idea of how a real, live unconference functions, here is a snapshot of the recent June 2006 BarCamp Boston.’
    • ‘The unconference can also be unpolished and raw, because participants speak about topics they're passionate about, not ones in which they are necessarily established experts.’
    • ‘The ad hoc nature and the low cost of this forum (they're usually free, compared to the hundreds of dollars needed to attend some industry gatherings) make the unconference accessible to many.’
    • ‘It is possible then, that the unconference is not only a unique alternative to traditional professional gatherings, but also a method for the high-tech creative workers to construct a new weak-tie community.’
    • ‘Register for the Unconference right here.’
    • ‘As an event, the character of the unconference falls somewhere between that of a bazaar and that of an intellectual salon.’
    • ‘It's a small unconference for designers in Amsterdam.’