Definition of unconcealed in English:



  • (especially of an emotion) not concealed; obvious.

    ‘Sophie looked around her with unconcealed curiosity’
    • ‘His poison pen - dripping with unconcealed disdain for jurists who lack his intellectual consistency - has limited his ability to bring his current colleagues around to his point of view.’
    • ‘The announcement of these measures was met with unconcealed enthusiasm by most of the mass media and the dominant political forces.’
    • ‘Boris Johnson interviews Lord Butler of Brockwell with unconcealed admiration.’
    • ‘‘With a baby and an album I feel like a mother of twins,’ Mutafchieva said with unconcealed pride.’
    • ‘Michael is looking at him with unconcealed contempt.’
    • ‘Stir in Jardine's unconcealed disdain for Australians generally, and it is tempting to look back on the bodyline Test series as a contest between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.’
    • ‘Aside from their unconcealed disdain for the ruling clerics in Tehran, they are characterized by an intense nationalism and not a little intergroup disagreement over where Iran should be headed.’
    • ‘Even Gough's unconcealed fury at not having been included in England's one-day squad for the tours of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka could bring Yorkshire the win they so desperately needed to keep alive their hopes of avoiding the drop.’
    • ‘That explains the unconcealed wrath of Lalkishenchand and the menial manners of Naraadham raining hell fire on Mr Lyngdoh in particular, and on whistleblowers and curtain-raisers in general.’
    • ‘Then Jack is killed and their stern father Ray reacts with unconcealed fury, asserting: ‘He took the wrong son.’’
    • ‘Her father, however, wore an expression of unconcealed anger.’
    • ‘The raid, which failed, was followed by a lengthy and inconclusive inquiry by a select committee of the Commons, at which Rhodes acted with unconcealed contempt and arrogance.’
    • ‘My father's lip curled up in unconcealed contempt.’
    • ‘Annie Courtney, to her unconcealed fury, was deselected.’
    • ‘There were glowing globes instead of candles; she looked at those with unconcealed interest.’
    • ‘In performing that valuable service, Friedman has also acquired something of a reputation as a cheerleader for globalisation, a development in human history he embraces with unconcealed enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Ryo was the only one who had never been there before, and he looked around with unconcealed interest as they rode up to the mansion.’
    • ‘I told the archivist with unconcealed pride that he was a distant relative.’
    • ‘She writes a large chunk of the book's episodes with unconcealed pleasure at having been an associate of this ‘high circle.’’
    • ‘‘I'm a guest of Ms. Beckworth's for the evening,’ he said, almost laughing at the girl's unconcealed disappointment.’
    clear, plain, plain to see, crystal clear, evident, apparent, manifest, patent, conspicuous, pronounced, transparent, clear-cut, palpable, prominent, marked, decided, salient, striking, distinct, bold, noticeable, perceptible, perceivable, visible, discernible, detectable, observable, tangible, recognizable
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