Definition of uncomplexed in US English:



  • (of an atom or molecule) not combined in a complex.

    • ‘Crystallographic studies of hen egg lysozyme in the complexed and uncomplexed state reveal only small conformational changes and, hence, conformational flexibility of the reactants during association was not addressed in this work.’
    • ‘Investigation of structural adaptation requires not only the structure of the complex, but also the corresponding uncomplexed forms of protein and DNA free in solution.’
    • ‘The geochemical mobility of a substance can be increased if the resulting complex is less strongly adsorbed than the uncomplexed constituents.’
    • ‘To determine how much of this is intrinsic curvature and how much is ligand-induced bending requires structures of the complexed and uncomplexed forms of the DNA.’
    • ‘This obvious conflict, however, may be compromised only when the uncomplexed transducers are not present as a monomer or dimer but exist as aggregated or clustered forms in the lipid bilayer.’