Definition of uncompleted in US English:



  • Not completed.

    • ‘We took a bottle of wine to the flat where he was staying, and he showed me the sketches of Schubert's last symphony, uncompleted on his death.’
    • ‘There were more leaflets, a pile of uncompleted questionnaires and a small number of stubby light blue pencils stamped with a London Underground logo.’
    • ‘It is still uncompleted as the wind is a bit strong to put the glass into place but hopefully we can get that done at some point today.’
    • ‘When he died, Thomas Bernhard left an apparently uncompleted manuscript for a novel entitled (in German) Neufundland (the place and a metaphor).’
    • ‘These people would have been re-sentenced, with the work uncompleted, and may well have been sent to prison which is seen as a direct alternative to community work.’
    • ‘There is a copy, too, of Michelangelo's lost cartoon for the uncompleted Battle of Cascina fresco, and another copy of Leonardo's lost Leda.’
    • ‘Predictions of Goosen's demise have proved to be premature, because he has held his nerve well since sweeping into the lead on a dewy resumption to the uncompleted first round on Friday morning.’
    • ‘Loans, grants, wage-subsidy programmes and uncompleted leases have also drawn back some plucky retail businesses.’
    • ‘Our speech is not the defined sentences of Novels, but the mad collection of hesitations and uncompleted thoughts which we voice.’
    • ‘Her professional career spanned literary and theatrical criticism, broadcasting for the BBC, fiction, biography and an uncompleted memoir.’
    • ‘Balamory took off in such a way that he never managed to finish his degree, uncompleted business that he hopes to rectify now the series has run its course.’
    • ‘Our working space - normally a bare, uncompleted room, with two tables - is transposed to a desk for four people in the corner of a primary classroom.’
    • ‘Cowboy gardeners try to trick pensioners into paying for the uncompleted work and even offer to drive them to the bank to grab the cash, according to the police.’
    • ‘It hasn't helped having to be in work, but it is worse going away knowing that you have left loads of uncompleted jobs.’
    • ‘They were given uncompleted computer mother boards and ordered to finish 10 within 20 minutes.’
    • ‘These undeveloped land or uncompleted property projects have brought negative social and economic effects.’
    • ‘MSPs have raised fears that the bill could be the first casualty of the cut-off point at next year's election, when all uncompleted legislation must fall.’
    • ‘The first and second defendants had known for very many months that the public were in the habit of walking across the uncompleted rough flowerbed.’
    • ‘The settlement has rough, makeshift roads, and the family home is uncompleted because of lack of money.’
    • ‘No-one, though, could have predicted quite the extent of the fog and the ferocity of the gales which left the third round, already delayed, uncompleted by all players in the field.’
    incomplete, truncated, aborted
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