Definition of uncolored in English:


(British uncoloured)


  • 1Having no color; neutral in color.

    • ‘This simple papier-mache technique works on both colored and uncolored eggs - though we found that some blotching occurs on dyed eggs.’
    • ‘This is usually left uncoloured, so may be called ‘white vinegar’.’
    • ‘Highlights include nearly 50 works by master printmaker Albrecht Durer, some of which are displayed alongside their uncolored counterparts.’
    • ‘In the gallery's high-ceilinged basement, amid cool white paint and fluorescent lights, uniformly uncolored sculptures took on a warm cast.’
    • ‘To be perfectly honest, I have been caught out thinking that I had a true crucian, when the fish was some type of uncoloured goldfish, or a hybrid, containing some mixture of goldfish and crucian.’
    • ‘The dorsal fin generally was uncoloured, unspotted, and semitransparent.’
    • ‘The squares are randomly either coloured or uncoloured, and you need to arrange the blocks to produce solid areas of 2x2 squares or larger that are coloured or not.’
    • ‘Not only is the building constructed with uncoloured stone, but most of the monuments carved into the sides of the walls contain minimal decoration.’
    • ‘He fills a new series of bags with uncolored icing and starts the process of piping out petals all over again.’
    • ‘His pale, icy uncolored eyes reached to me creating a strong contrast between his black hair and bright eyes.’
    • ‘The parts that are both uncoloured and without any crosshatching are the subject of other claims with which we are not presently concerned.’
    • ‘The uncoloured portions are those in respect of which no claim is made, is that right?’
    • ‘Cells remaining uncolored in a trypan blue solution were identified as viable.’
    • ‘The covers are made with unbleached and uncoloured fabric and are thoroughly tested for harmful substances.’
    • ‘Where colours were hard to make or obtain, uncoloured tesserae were overpainted: red glass was particularly difficult and often, as in the narthex panel in Hagia Sophia, red paint was applied.’
    • ‘However, one should note that Kahneman and Henik's dual displays consisted of an integrated display (a color word printed in a conflicting color) and a redundant uncolored display.’
    • ‘For this reason, wine professionals and keen amateurs prefer completely plain, uncoloured, unengraved, uncut glass, preferably as thin as is practicable to allow the palate to commune as closely as possible with the liquid.’
    • ‘The uncoloured lithographic plates are much sought after, and the two volumes are expected to make £300 to £500.’
    • ‘For example, a circle representing a member of the Assemblies of God could be colored red, whereas an individual whose affiliation and beliefs are unknown could be left uncolored.’
    • ‘During World War II, we bought sealed plastic packets of white, uncolored margarine, with a tiny, intense pellet of yellow coloring perched like a topaz just inside the clear skin of the bag.’
    pale, pastel, light-toned
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    1. 1.1 Not influenced, especially in a negative way.
      ‘explanations that are uncolored by the observer's feelings’
      • ‘A speaker is designed to enhance the sound of a recording, and a monitor is designed to give an accurate, uncolored representation.’
      • ‘They see with eyes uncoloured by bitterness and cynicism.’
      • ‘If I did know how to read music, however, I would be able to hear the piece before it was performed - moreover, in a performance uncolored, uninterpreted by the whims of performance.’
      • ‘His confidence in the existence of elementary sensations uncolored by prior assumptions and conceptual schemes belongs to a brand of empiricism, triumphant in his day, that we can no longer accept.’
      • ‘I began testing the NT1 - A about three feet back from a Gibson J160 acoustic with an Aphex 1100 preamp and was impressed by the mic's natural, uncolored sound and seemingly total lack of noise.’
      • ‘One of the objectives is to distance oneself from hidden assumptions and unquestioned interpretations of events and to obtain findings that are, as far as possible, uncolored by one's own biases.’
      • ‘Haven't seen remake, so I think my perceptions of the Wenders flick were relatively uncolored by expectations of what I thought it was ‘supposed to’ be about.’
      • ‘If we are going to say that our mind colors the world, we had better be prepared to produce an image of the world that is uncolored.’
      • ‘Second, this volume represents the last chance for an examination of Latin America's twentieth century history as yet uncolored by the economic debacle of the 1980s and the subsequent movement towards neoliberal openings.’
      • ‘They are semantic dead matter, uncoloured by interiority, sediments of experiences or thoughts now forgotten.’
      fair, just
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