Definition of unclassified in US English:



  • 1Not arranged in or assigned to classes or categories.

    ‘many texts remain unclassified or uncatalogued’
    • ‘Scientific ignorance is part of the problem, especially considering the truism that most of the world's species still remain unclassified while they are being lost at unprecedented rates.’
    • ‘The people it does not suit are the consumers, and the owners of a group of well-established but unclassified chateaux that produce excellent wines far removed from the bathtub rubbish of the generic AC Bordeaux wine market.’
    • ‘For those patients with an unclassified type of diabetes, two had sepsis, one had alcoholic pancreatitis, and another had a history of excessive intake of soft drinks as precipitating causes.’
    • ‘Unsurprisingly, the most expensive was the prestigious Waterford Castle Hotel and Golf Club which chose to remain unclassified in the ‘Be Our Guest’ guide 2004.’
    • ‘The hotel, which was traditionally seen as a magnet for the highest fliers on the Dublin social scene, shunned the four-star ranking and chose instead to become an unclassified hotel until it completed a programme of refurbishments.’
    • ‘The new operation will gather and analyze such unclassified information as Web sites, blogs, mosque sermons, databases, and even T-shirt slogans.’
    • ‘As with any unclassified film, video or DVD, the Tamaki DVD had to be sent to the Film and Video Labelling Body in Auckland for rating.’
    • ‘The unclassified video was only unclassified because it was slightly longer than a version of the same film which was classified.’
    • ‘In total 573 men were diagnosed with ague, intermittent, remittent, bilious, congestive, and unclassified fevers at Helena.’
    • ‘More than 33% of gene transcripts annotated with unknown function were included in the category of unclassified proteins.’
    • ‘There was intratubular germ cell neoplasia, unclassified type, in the adjacent testicular parenchyma in both cases.’
    • ‘For some elements, the mode of transposition is unknown, and they are either referred to as class III or left unclassified.’
    • ‘You'll be made to feel an ingénue if you choose to eat a known fish (such as delicious Hake) over some previously unclassified deep sea monstrosity.’
    • ‘Sometimes while presenting scientific data about endangered squirrels or unclassified ground beetles, I know in my heart that no amount of information will change the minds of the habitat destroyers.’
    • ‘About one in four Irish hotels remain unclassified, largely because they do not want to be bracketed with inferior establishments.’
    • ‘I found this to be a most unusual book and not the type I usually select - it was in the unclassified section in the library.’
    • ‘Almost 95 percent of breast cancers diagnosed in men are invasive ductal or unclassified carcinomas.’
    • ‘The department's information base is either scattered or unclassified.’
    • ‘A fifth category of unclassified RCC is used for tumors that do not readily fit into one of the other categories.’
    • ‘Despite progress in the classification of renal tumors, a small subset of renal carcinomas remains unclassified (ie, renal cell carcinoma, not otherwise specified).’
    1. 1.1 (of information or documents) not designated as secret.
      • ‘And - and, in fact, I think that he gave us as much unclassified information that he felt comfortable releasing.’
      • ‘Even the National Security Agency, in an internal, unclassified report, concluded that the risks of key recovery far outweigh the advantages.’
      • ‘You are sure the disc contains only unclassified messages despite its being labeled as secret.’
      • ‘Duties included sending and receiving classified and unclassified signal information to different RAF stations around the world.’
      • ‘Of course, as Stephen Hayes has repeatedly pointed out, he can't even get the Defense Department to turn over unclassified documents that have been translated.’
      • ‘When we do collect the same elements of foreign information overtly through open sources, we can and should identify them as unclassified.’
      • ‘Even though this information is unclassified and available in open-source documentation, one need not search far - the PCCIP has packaged it all in one neat, organized, and searchable document.’
      • ‘You processed secret information on an unclassified system and did not apply proper security controls to classified data.’
      • ‘This means that someone has to provide the U.S. Army the best available unclassified information in an unclassified finished intelligence product.’
      • ‘There is, in fact, much additional unclassified material available to readers.’
      • ‘Network components will support the exchange of information across all security classifications, from unclassified through Top Secret.’
      • ‘This annual assessment is a classified document but for the fourth year, NCIS is also publishing an unclassified version which is designed to educate the public about the risks from criminal behaviour.’
      • ‘The ultimate aim of the project, funding permitting, is to develop a completely modularized TALOSS toolkit, unclassified portions of which will be made available for civilian use as open-source software.’
      • ‘The run down on this after reading several unclassified military documents on the subject.’
      • ‘These unclassified experiments were in turn part of a top secret project to detect round-the-world acoustic effects of future Soviet nuclear tests.’
      • ‘The accelerator work here will be unclassified, subjected to rigorous reviews and to publication of results.’
      • ‘The PJs who have access to all the classified documents tell me that if anything, the unclassified information understates the heroism of John Chapman and Jason Cunningham.’
      • ‘Last summer, while doing research at the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, I'll never forget how scrupulous the staff was with unclassified documents.’
      • ‘The Chinese revealed technical details of their missiles, and we informed them about routine - and wholly unclassified - U.S. engineering practices.’
      • ‘The type of information sought includes any unclassified documents, hard copy or digital, pertaining to the participation or involvement of any Signal unit or Signal personnel in the fight against terrorism.’