Definition of uncivilly in US English:



  • See uncivil

    • ‘The boy insisted his master had beaten him with a piece of wood ‘uncivilly and threatened to treat him so as he would remember for the rest of his life.’’
    • ‘I contend that other reason TSE has been treated so uncivilly is that environmentalist organisations have developed considerable political power by relying heavily on Mencken's exhortation to exploit imaginary hobgoblins.’
    • ‘Safe behind the curtain, you will see him if he behaves uncivilly to Mrs. Zant, or you will hear her if she calls for help.’
    • ‘Moreover, they are less likely to behave uncivilly in smaller groups.’
    • ‘Instead we happily divert to supposed ‘safe’ spots, there to be uncivilly mugged or traffic-maimed.’