Definition of unchastity in US English:



  • See unchaste

    • ‘Nay, but they say that the precious metals foster all manner of vice, such as the seduction of women, adultery, and unchastity, in short, crimes of violence against the person.’
    • ‘So I will have to modify my previous position: the problem is a culture of unchastity, whether hetero or homosexual.’
    • ‘He immediately points out that sins against this commandment include not helping one's neighbor in preventing unchastity.’
    • ‘More specifically, chapter one examines how a new language of gallantry competed with older Christian perceptions of adultery as a sinful unchastity requiring public policing.’
    • ‘The topics addressed are swearing, falling from God, an exhortation against the fear of death, obedience to earthly rulers, adultery and unchastity, and contention and brawling.’