Definition of unchastened in US English:



  • (of a person) not restrained or subdued.

    ‘he was unchastened and ready for fresh mischief’
    • ‘Apparently unchastened by the unhappy fate of previous attempts to legislate in this field, the Commission had once again tabled legislation seeking to liberalise the provision of services in European ports.’
    • ‘Completely unchastened by the failure of socialism, these individuals still harbor the dream of a Union of American Socialist Republics.’
    • ‘Republicans should get some comfort from the fact that liberals remain largely unchastened following their barnyard whipping.’
    • ‘Another trip to the slammer has left you unchastened.’
    • ‘Or, we might more charitably dub them expressions of hope unchastened by the rod of experience.’
    • ‘But there is still only one BuzzFlash: unchastened, unapologetic, and unrelenting in its pursuit of justice.’
    • ‘They saw each other as two people who'd sinned together on earth might see each other in hell, unchastened even then, only blaming each other for what had happened.’
    • ‘Yet he appears to have been unchastened, continuing to enjoy long and lubricous lunches.’
    • ‘He appeared unchastened last night and took no responsibility for his party's defeat.’
    • ‘Fortune, unchastened in its shameless sucking up to CEO's, is running a puff piece about Terry Semel at Yahoo.’
    • ‘The president combatively showed himself unchastened by the Senate's embarrassing rejection of his first choice.’
    • ‘I particularly hate it when people are allowed to resign, unchastened, with euphemisms about gardening and spending more time with their families.’
    • ‘Three months after triumphing in a ‘him or me’ showdown with Peter Lewis, then the Guggenheim chairman, who demanded he stay focused on New York, the unchastened Krens took off for Mexico City with a delegation of board members.’
    • ‘But to the unchastened White House, apparent opposition to contraceptives, abortion and science was the opposite of disqualifying.’
    • ‘Forced to witness the collapse of everything they had once dreamed of and worked to achieve, they have emerged unchastened and unchanged in their destructive illusions.’