Definition of uncharged in US English:



  • 1Not accused of an offense under the law.

    ‘she was released uncharged’
    • ‘Shodd manages to link O'Malley to the Geritol Murders in a front-page story, but because there's so little evidence nor any motive, O'Malley goes uncharged.’
    • ‘Explaining he prefers the word ‘terrorists’ to describe the untried, uncharged detainees, Roberts said it would be ‘hard for me to imagine how much better these terrorists could have it.’’
    • ‘Messer's Townsend and Kelly are as yet uncharged and unlikely to be so, primarily because they are not as yet guilty of any offence.’
    • ‘But why would it not have gone in as other uncharged acts are sometimes led in trials for offences of this nature?’
    • ‘The circumstances presented themselves starkly in relation to the number of possibilities for the introduction of such highly prejudicial evidence of uncharged acts against the mother.’
    • ‘This was a trial that was dominated by an uncharged crime of insider trading, that was not charged because it was never brought.’
    • ‘Count 1 accuses Michael Joe Jackson and ‘other uncharged co-conspirators’ of the felony crime of conspiracy between February 1 and March 31, 2003.’
    • ‘We never see him again; he has become one of the United States' new crop of ‘disappeared,’ an uncharged suspect held in secret detention somewhere in the state's burgeoning anti-terror gulag.’
    • ‘When the government decided that the detainees could not be left - uncharged and unconvicted - to rot away the rest of their lives, attempts were made to find ways of making the fight against terrorism respectable.’
    • ‘They are held hostage by the US, uncharged, with full Australian government complicity.’
    • ‘He re-arrested the six men, as well as the other seven who where uncharged by any court.’
    • ‘The question was the extent to which the Court could look at the uncharged conduct which was not denied in sentencing the appellant.’
    • ‘During the trial her Honour allowed the Crown to introduce complaint evidence in relation to uncharged acts.’
    • ‘While uncharged suspects going slowly mad in Guantanamo or Belmarsh are not to be compared to Private England's trophy heap of naked men, human rights are not always an obsession in Britain or the United States.’
    • ‘It also said there were ‘other uncharged co-conspirators and co-conspirators whose identities are unknown.’’
    • ‘The next day a team of interrogators questioned him and on 3 October he was released uncharged, after having been warned not to tell anyone about the torture he had been subjected to.’
    • ‘Unlike the situation in Gipp, the trial judge here warned the jury as to the limited use to which evidence of uncharged acts could be put, and their significance and relevance.’
    • ‘The first is that the trial judge directed the jury that evidence of uncharged acts, some of which were non-sexual in character, established a relationship of a sexual kind between the applicant and the complainant.’
    • ‘I object to his tossing out habeas corpus in order to keep uncharged and unproven ‘terrorists’ languishing at his pleasure.’
    • ‘The uncharged matters may go to character, as they did, in our submission in Weininger, but they may also go to, to put it in plain English terms, the seriousness of the individual counts.’
  • 2Not carrying an electric charge.

    • ‘Thus, the screening of the charge on SRE molecules is evident only for uncharged membranes but seems to be absent for the charged ones.’
    • ‘Batterlife claim that in Lithium Ion batteries (the type of battery most commonly found in rechargeable gadgets these days) the main cause of this deterioration is a build up of inert, uncharged particles between the electrodes.’
    • ‘Now let's start to get creative… what if you replace the short circuit with an uncharged capacitor.’
    • ‘Polyelectrolytes having complete charge neutralization, like uncharged polymers in poor solvents, can collapse to toroids, rods, or spherical globules.’
    • ‘We don't see the electromagnetic field giving up energy to matter in a continuous stream, but rather in little lumps that behave like uncharged particles that lack rest mass.’
    • ‘BatMax contains permeable material, which is able to directly affect the molecule level inside the battery and BatMax reintegrates the uncharged particles into the electrical circuit.’
    • ‘For decades thereafter, they were described as massless, uncharged particles.’
    • ‘They applied an alternating electric field to an uncharged metallic paddle, which caused it to seesaw at a fixed frequency and amplitude.’
    • ‘The effect of temperature on the permeance of the uncharged species of benzoic acid can be attributed to an increase of the mean free volume available for diffusion due to increased thermal chain motion with rising temperature.’
    • ‘The third one is a nonconservative change of the uncharged and small glycine by the positively charged lysine.’
    • ‘All the peptide sites have a mass of 160 atomic units and are uncharged.’
    • ‘When a metal is oxidized, it is converted from an uncharged atom to a cation by losing electrons.’
    • ‘On the other hand, the permeability of the membrane for small uncharged solutes such as low molecular weight alcohols, amides, ketones etc., did not change.’
    • ‘To assess the effects of electrostatic forces in solvation, aqueous methane was simulated for a variety of models with differing partial charges on the CH 4 atoms and for an uncharged model.’
    • ‘On the contrary, gamma rays are uncharged particles: they are not deflected by magnetic fields and follow a straight path to Earth.’
    • ‘Of the above-mentioned chemical species only hydrogen peroxide is relatively stable and able to penetrate the plasma membrane as an uncharged molecule.’
    • ‘Structure/function studies aimed at identifying pore-lining domains in connexin channels have been largely based on effects of mutations on single-channel conductance or permeation of uncharged molecules.’
    • ‘An effect on the permeability of other small uncharged solutes such as monohydric alcohols, amides and acetone was not detectable, although there was some slippage of these solutes across water channels.’
    • ‘Biological membranes are expected to be permeable to the uncharged ammonia molecule, which makes transport of NH 3 across membranes independent of transport proteins.’
    • ‘Therefore, this electrostatic treatment is sufficient for a short, uncharged peptide, and it is difficult to improve upon this approach without severely degrading the computational efficiency.’
  • 3Not charged to a particular account.

    ‘an uncharged fixed cost’
    • ‘In order to be treated as an auxiliary activity, uncharged costs must be reasonable in relation to overall net income.’