Definition of uncertified in English:



  • 1Not officially recognized as having a certain status or meeting certain standards.

    ‘uncertified accountants’
    • ‘Below are actual copies of internal Diebold memos which show that uncertified software is being used in elections.’
    • ‘They are more likely to go to poorly funded schools in run-down buildings, and more likely to be taught by uncertified and poorly trained teachers.’
    • ‘Dublin City Council lost an average of three days per employee to uncertified sick days last year.’
    • ‘Insurers have guaranteed schools that non-teaching staff employed to patrol school property or to substitute for staff on uncertified sick leave will be covered.’
    • ‘Up to now, they have supervised for colleagues on uncertified sick leave voluntarily and have patrolled school property, typically on a rota basis, also free gratis.’
    • ‘In the comprehensive spending review in July Brown pledged to curb uncertified absences in the public sector, pointing out that 80% of sickness absences are self-certified and not subject to formal medical checks.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, AQSIQ will further step up its crackdown on uncertified food production, especially the use of non-food materials, livestock that has died of illness and mouldy or rotten food.’
    • ‘It is a farce and a fraud when teachers' unions talk about a need for ‘certified’ teachers, when certification has such low requirements and when uncertified teachers often have higher qualifications.’
    • ‘In theory, you can get the local authority to inspect work done by an uncertified person - at a cost of about £130 for work valued at under £2,000 - but the intention is that you use a qualified electrician.’
    • ‘If an uncertified person performs the procedure, the first offence results in a class A misdemeanour and a class four felony for two or more offences, according to the new bill.’
    • ‘The Baker ruling apparently supports Salvadore's cause, as courts now recognize that Canadian-born children of uncertified immigrants have an interest in their parents' situation.’
    • ‘Under EU and Irish law, it is illegal to market uncertified seed.’
    • ‘Rosdiana said the local agriculture office has asked the Kolaka administration to stop distributing the uncertified seeds to local farmers while BPSB was studying the particular variety.’
    • ‘Though initially the percentage of uncertified teachers grew, the program also led to lower rates of teacher turnover; in poor districts particularly, fewer teachers left to teach elsewhere.’
    • ‘According to the company, even the uncertified product is close to meeting California's organic standards.’
    • ‘After the March primaries, California launched an extensive investigation, during which Diebold officials actually admitted that they had cut corners and used uncertified software in the machine.’
    • ‘‘Clearly the uncertified software is illegal,’ Sadler said Thursday.’
    • ‘The importation of wild virus from another yet uncertified region does not jeopardize the certified status, if its transmission is contained soon.’
    • ‘More interestingly their have been cases where a local council has given permission for a cinema to show a particular uncertified film, but then the police have seized the film considering it in breach of obscenity laws.’
    • ‘California has halted its own rush into electronic voting upon learning that some Diebold voting machines used in the recent election were delivered and used with uncertified software.’
    unauthorized, unsanctioned, unapproved, uncertified, unaccredited, unlicensed
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    1. 1.1Not attested or confirmed in a formal statement.
      • ‘Apparently, certified false info is better than uncertified correct info.’
      • ‘These as yet uncertified figures, Ferrari Enzo territory, are far from the whole point.’
      • ‘Although still uncertified, the numbers announced today show a decisive victory for Iraq's Shiite population.’