Definition of uncaged in US English:



  • Released from or not confined in a cage.

    • ‘Survivorship was higher in the caged plots than uncaged plots for both adults and juveniles except for juveniles in winter.’
    • ‘With her fierce red bob, black cloak and low-cut leopard-print dress, Baroness Emile d' Erlanger poses next to an uncaged wildcat.’
    • ‘On one level Jackson is setting up the animals in different jungles concept, but it also seems that he's juxtaposing the caged animals and the completely uncaged (maybe even decaged) poor people.’
    • ‘In the absence of predators, the larvae on high-resin trees performed poorly relative to larvae on low-resin trees; however, uncaged larvae on high-resin trees suffered greatly reduced parasitism.’
    • ‘Lead singer (read: ranter) Bobby Gillespie is an uncaged mental patient on this record, morphing his voice to fit the proceedings.’
    • ‘Densities of whelks were measured three times during each summer at all sites in these uncaged quadrats and average predator abundance was analyzed using analysis of variance.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the adult growth rate in predator-exclusion cages in the sand flat was higher than that in the uncaged plots in spring, their major growing season.’
    • ‘For the sand plots, I used the data only from uncaged plots.’
    • ‘Whereas the caged specimens evoke a comfortably detached curiosity, the uncaged native provokes a fear that demands surveillance.’
    • ‘Weiland is like an uncaged lion, and with good reason.’
    • ‘Free from the shackles of relegation, there was the tantalising prospect of uncaged tigers released to feast and relieve their frustration on the home side.’
    • ‘Now I must say, Casey is not actually a small bird and I too needed the reassurance from the vet that all was fine as we crammed into the examining room, three adults and uncaged cockatoo.’
    • ‘I tested the difference in clam survivorship and predation rates between caged and uncaged sand plots using t tests (after arcsine transformation of data).’
    • ‘Caged saplings had higher insect densities, greater leaf area consumed and lower biomass than uncaged saplings.’
    • ‘Also in my study, fences alone in the uncaged plots did not seem to affect major predators of the clam such as crabs and whelks because I observed them inside the fences as often as outside during the experimental period.’
    • ‘To determine the effect of big-eyed bugs in the presence and absence of pods, on the seasonal dynamics of pea aphids, lepidopteran larvae, and other herbivores, we conducted a large, uncaged field experiment in plots of lima beans.’
    • ‘To examine possible effects of predators on clam growth, I first compared variation in clam growth rate among habitats with different predation pressure, and between predator-exclusion cages and uncaged controls.’
    • ‘Because no plants were left uncaged during the course of this study, we do not know exactly how much fruit set can be reduced by herbivory.’
    • ‘How biddable would the circus tigers be, uncaged, five hundred yards from the trainer with the whip?’
    • ‘The gunner can transfer tracking control to an automatic turret drive control system that uses signals for the uncaged missile seeker of the FLIR video autotracker to track the target until the gunner is ready to fire.’