Definition of unbuild in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Demolish or destroy (something, especially a building or system).

    • ‘We now need institutions and policies that will unbuild that.’
    • ‘Also shown on flat-screen monitors was documentation of a performance, for friends and family back home, in which a wooden model of the mill was built and unbuilt in a single day; participants dressed in period costume.’
    knock down, pull down, tear down, bring down, destroy, flatten, raze, raze to the ground, level, reduce to ruins, bulldoze, break up, topple
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    1. 1.1as adjective unbuilt (of buildings or land) not yet built or built on.
      ‘a slope of unbuilt land’
      • ‘Some 100 or so practices were invited to send on-the-boards material for this issue, with the stipulation that projects had to be unbuilt, but viable.’
      • ‘40 projects, both built & unbuilt, from the recent Urban Space by Design competition are included in this exhibition.’
      • ‘Sometimes a minion will respond quickly, while other times a room will remain unbuilt (or captured spy uninterrogated) for what seems like forever.’
      • ‘Rowntree's as yet unbuilt housing estate should go on the ample brown field sites available elsewhere.’
      • ‘Much of the stuff, as it turned out, was unbuilt, and the obvious acid test of such computer enabled fantasies will be when they finally emerge in the flesh, from behind the seductive gauze of imagineering.’
      • ‘Planning permission on 44,000 unbuilt houses will run out at the end of this year, followed by a further 36,000 houses next year.’
      • ‘Allan Greenberg's skyscraper projects, regrettably, are as yet unbuilt.’
      • ‘They all would be installed in four adobe buildings, as yet unbuilt, which Judd commissioned Horn to design in the late '80s.’
      • ‘Beyond the original buildings of the center that are still owned by the developer, and which have sustained destination office uses well, the lots designated for live/work developments have remained unbuilt.’
      • ‘They won a special prize anyway, but the house remained unbuilt during Mackintosh's lifetime.’
      • ‘The Swiss adventurer hopes to fly his as yet unbuilt, unproven solar-powered plane around the globe in stages, hopscotching the globe using designated landing sites.’
      • ‘Keil do Amaral's scheme for a gigantic Palace of Justice in Lisbon was unbuilt, but for its soaring pylons.’
      • ‘Like Allan Greenberg's, my own firm's projects for tall buildings are so far unbuilt.’
      • ‘The concern in our region is the pressure on and potential loss of our natural and unbuilt areas.’
      • ‘So by building it and finding out whether it works or not, actually lends a great deal of credibility to the yet unbuilt Analytical Engine, which is the true big forerunner of the modern computer.’
      • ‘It's one of the great unbuilt projects of engineering history.’
      • ‘Others, including planning commissioner Joseph P. Rose, think leaving the space unbuilt is unlikely.’
      • ‘The lands which are subject to this tax are basically unbuilt, idle lands and non-business lands owned by firms, and excess residential lands beyond the permitted ceiling.’
      • ‘Incredibly, a critical four-mile long section of that fence remains unbuilt.’
      • ‘Libeskind apparently makes no distinction between unbuilt and built projects.’