Definition of unbind in US English:



[with object]
  • Release from bonds or restraints.

    • ‘The only thing that rouses him is the wrestling match he engages in to unbind himself from various equipment.’
    • ‘Liu informs Master Ren that he has heard that ‘the day will come when men can cut off their pigtails and women can unbind their feet’.’
    • ‘The first order was unbinding her ankles and arms.’
    • ‘And then, to make tangible the promise he has spoken, Jesus commands Lazarus to come forth from the stench of the tomb and commands those who had gathered to mourn to unbind him and let him go.’
    • ‘When we get home, I'll unbind them, but I need to make sure nothing funny happens while we're away.’
    • ‘The Mouse undid all the other ropes and then gently rolled her over to unbind her arms and hair.’
    • ‘It's a really thick book though so you'd probably have to unbind it to get the pages in a suitably flat position to scan.’
    • ‘For the system is master: like God it can bind or unbind energies; what it is incapable of (and what it can no longer avoid) is reversibility.’
    • ‘And I cannot unbind the pages without destroying the History, which I will not do.’
    • ‘And we can choose, as Iain suggests, to unbind ourselves (with all the consequences that would follow).’
    • ‘From there it should be child's play to unbind my feet, and then my head-bind.’
    • ‘I cannot unbind you, but I can let you see.’
    • ‘Not in the sense of dismissing you but unbinding you from a whole series of things that you had thought were part of you.’
    • ‘When he came around to unbind my ankles, I looked up and Marcus grinned down at me.’
    • ‘If parents don't work at unbinding that folly (sinful ignorance of God and His ways), we have no hope of the next generation being and doing more for God than we.’
    • ‘Jesus unbinds us from death and lets us go to live new life.’
    • ‘Some people are already masters of saying ‘no’ to themselves and would do much better to foster soul-traits that will help them loosen up and unbind themselves.’
    • ‘Jason put his gun on the bed next to her and began to unbind the ropes, but first he removed the old sock that had been stuffed into her mouth as a gag.’
    • ‘Get that spear out of his chest so we can unbind him.’
    • ‘She managed to unbind Benovito and the two escaped, a trail of blood marking their path out of Seattle.’
    untie, unchain, unfetter, unshackle, unmanacle, unyoke, unfasten, untether, unknot, unlace, undo, loosen, unloose, disentangle
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