Definition of unbidden in English:



  • 1Without having been commanded or invited.

    ‘unbidden guests’
    • ‘Notwithstanding that I had considered my accent in Bulgarian to have been in top form, unbidden the waiter brought me a menu in English.’
    • ‘Skeleton House, pays homage to the shantytowns and favelas that sprout up unbidden on the outskirts of the world's major cities.’
    • ‘Everywhere in the school, which from the earliest hours has been the headquarters of the search and rescue effort, there are piles of equipment, a superabundance of material that has arrived unbidden from all over America.’
    • ‘Evil, seductive things that they are, they started showing up in my mailbox, unbidden, but promising miraculous results and weeks, nay, months of gratification.’
    • ‘Extremists, however, do not provide the rank and file, who come, largely unbidden, to a particular protest.’
    • ‘We were told to keep our seats because the show wasn't over until ABBA sang and unbidden, the audience started clapping along happily, as a virtual mini-ABBA concert was performed at the end.’
    • ‘A new survey has revealed that in North Yorkshire alone, as many as 20 per cent of people have had a ‘bad experience’ with people calling, unbidden, at their doorstep.’
    • ‘And a whole lot of people were inconvenienced over the weekend when ravers arrived unbidden on land near Foxhill.’
    • ‘Maci Trufant, destined to be Gob's betrothed, writes letters to her brother in the Zouaves, then finds that her left hand, unbidden, writes his replies after he is killed.’
    • ‘If I didn't subscribe, I wouldn't buy this issue - as it was, it arrived unbidden, so I had to see it sitting on my coffee table without having been sufficiently prepped for the horror.’
    • ‘You'll find, my advice is, while sometimes unbidden, quite helpful.’
    • ‘The issue of race is an occasional unbidden guest at the dinner table in white America.’
    • ‘Indeed WLHM's adventure was an unbidden discovery voyage - the epitome of all good project work.’
    • ‘Still, Sam Fox talked to me, unbidden and it wasn't just to say ‘Get out of my hotel room or I will call security’.’
    • ‘He filled me in, unbidden, on the local hooker scene.’
    • ‘Eventually stuff might start turning up unbidden, but I suspect the direct ask will bear fruit sooner.’
    • ‘Pink Floyd and Badfinger are your turns, Steve Wright your host, Ronan Keating your unbidden bringer of sinister ginger wrongness.’
    • ‘In addition, the waiting staff embark on informal rounds of random sushi delivery, bringing plates of tempura and sashimi unbidden.’
    • ‘The cheeseboard was sound enough and there were enough little unbidden watermelon vodka shooters and pots of labneh with breadsticks to send me out into the night quite staggering with fullness, even without pudding.’
    • ‘Now everyone knows that cats claws come out unbidden.’
    uninvited, unasked, unrequested, unsolicited
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    1. 1.1 (especially of a thought or feeling) arising without conscious effort.
      ‘unbidden tears came to his eyes’
      • ‘Sufferers can find themselves having constant and unbidden thoughts they believe could cause disasters or cause harm to those around them.’
      • ‘I was surprised by what I recalled, by the level of detail that came back unbidden - memories that had been sitting in a cell somewhere waiting for the right sequence of electricity to light them up again.’
      • ‘Those were moments when Scripture verses would come to her unbidden.’
      • ‘And the image of another burning came unbidden to mind, rising like a fuming harpy.’
      • ‘At the thought of him, an unbidden idea popped into my head.’
      • ‘That image just seems to have appeared unbidden in his fevered little fantasy about nefarious Anti-American Red Cross workers with foreign sounding names.’
      • ‘But sometimes, unbidden thoughts popped into her head.’
      • ‘Tears sprang reflexively, unbidden, and cautious he opened his eyes again, to the excruciating light.’
      • ‘At this time of year, when we find ourselves in the close company of extended family who may cause that quote to flicker unbidden into our minds, we celebrate the birth of the One who came to save man from himself.’
      • ‘This morning, unbidden, a few words from a long-forgotten song by the genius singer/songwriter Jacques Brel popped into my head.’
      • ‘Now that he's gone I sometimes find that the things that bring him closest to me are very small, dim gems that spring back to life often unbidden but cherished for their quality.’
      • ‘In other news, I have recently decided to title all posts with any song lyrics that wander unbidden into my head at the moment of literary creation.’
      • ‘That is to say, she didn't like the fact that she thought of him from time to time, unbidden thoughts, very much beyond her control.’
      • ‘Bacardi is one of the most instantly recognizable brands in the world; think of rum and the ubiquitous ‘bat’ symbol pops up unbidden.’
      • ‘Anyway, on one particular occasion that's floated unbidden into my memory today, I was allowed to go off over the park and up to the main road with Johnny-next-door, just so long as I behaved myself.’
      • ‘Visions of Professor McGonagall similarly luring Harry and Ron to their doom may have popped up unbidden in some anxious minds, but they may now rest again.’
      • ‘But I'm learning to cope with the sudden, dreadful pangs of why me? that strike unbidden when I'm alone or looking in a mirror.’
      • ‘Yet those are not the images that rise unbidden at the word.’
      • ‘The unbidden thought sent heat flowing into her cheeks, and she almost laughed aloud.’
      • ‘I have a host of similarly faded and dusty memories of my boyhood that pop up unbidden when I'm in a situation that stimulates my memory.’
      spontaneous, unprompted, voluntary, unforced, uncompelled, unplanned, unpremeditated, spur-of-the-moment
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